18 Apr 2017

Benefits of Living in Reunion

Warm Colorado weather is headed our way – and before you know it, it’ll be summertime! And even though you’re probably mentally ready for longer days, abundant sunshine, and poolside relaxing, you might want to prepare physically. Lucky for you, as a Reunion resident, you have access to an award-winning recreation center.

As you probably know, our 21,000-square-foot facility offers a variety of exercise options, with an indoor gymnasium, fitness center, aerobics room, outdoor pool, and 10-mile trail system. But have you taken advantage of the programs we offer? Whether your goal is to fit into your summer wardrobe, get the kids out of the house a few hours a day, or even just learn something new, the Reunion Rec Center (a.k.a. “The Barn”) offers a wide-ranging selection of programs and activities for all ages.

This year’s programs include community events such as movie nights, beer festivals, car shows, and holiday celebrations, as well as Lego and STEM camps for bright minds and athletic camps for future sports stars. We’ll also host youth camps for dancing and painting, and even medical or veterinary scholar programs. For the adults, you’ll find cardio and weight-training classes, personal training, volleyball, and basketball. And, as always, we provide childcare on weekday mornings from 8am to 11am.

Visit our website for registration information as well as additional details about Reunion Rec Center. While you’re there, you can also sign up for email updates about the Reunion community.

At Reunion, you’ll enjoy living in a community with programs and planned activities throughout the entire year. It’s just one more example of how this vibrant neighborhood fulfills its commitment to living every moment to the fullest.

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