21 Apr 2015

Reunion, then and now.

Hard to believe, but it’s already been 13 years since Reunion was established. Back in 2002, Shea’s master plan was inspired by the former agricultural area’s prime location—rural and peaceful, yet an easy drive into vibrant downtown Denver. For the 1,500 families who live there today, Reunion has fulfilled on its promise of providing the
very best of urban and suburban living.

Join us as we walk down memory lane; the photos below show how our community has grown!

Reunion entry

Scenic Reunion silo

This monument to Reunion’s agricultural past still welcomes guests and residents—but with a little more surrounding foliage nowadays.

Reunion everyday jog

Reunion Park foliage

Taller trees make everyday walks a little more beautiful.

Reunion Kite & Flight

Reunion Movie Night crowd

Reunion movie night hugs

The 2005 Kite & Flight Festival attracted a few intrepid flyers among our early residents, but check out the large crowd spotted at a 2014 Movie Night.

Reunion model home

Reunion 3554 Exterior

New architecture at Reunion shares in the current aesthetic for clean lines with mid-century echoes.

Morning Light Kitchen Reunion

Reunion Plan 3507 Eat-Chat

Today’s home decor leans toward cooler colors, stainless and other man-made materials and away from natural wood and warmer tones.

stretching walk around Reunion lake

REUNION-Scenic lake

Back in 2005, a walk around the lake was nice…but now the tall grasses and cattails create a lovely perimeter.

Reunion Pool Slide

Heartland Park Playground

Today, with multiple parks, 10 miles of trails, 8 acres of lakes, a 21,000-square-foot rec center, community events, and an adjacent golf course, Reunion residents have countless opportunities for fun and connection.

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