31 Jan 2017

What to do on the other 27 days of February

Naturally, Valentine’s Day gets all the headlines this month. But the reality is that plenty of short, wintry days on either side of the 14th deserve a little love, too. Here are five suggestions for fun ways to spend time with the people you care about, both before and after the big day, right here at Reunion and beyond.


Crafternoon: Sock Snowpeople-Feb. 2, 5pm-6pm

Perfect for this time of year—a cozy afternoon of making crafts at the Anythink Commerce City Library. Using socks and rice, you can make a snowman and then personalize it with a scarf and hat. Learn more.


A Chocolate Affair-Feb. 4, 11am-2pm

Chocoholics, we’re talking to you. Head up to Olde Town Arvada for a day of all things cacao. Explore the streets of this historic, charming town while sampling more than 15 kinds of chocolate treats for $1 each. (And since it’s a fundraiser, excess can be guilt-free.) Tasting locations include the library, Rising Church, the Historical Society, and several Olde Town merchants. There’s a chocolate treasure hunt, too. Learn more.


Dion’s Pizza Grand Opening Party-Feb. 9

Reunion is growing…and so are the surrounding businesses. Happily, Dion’s Pizza is opening on Feb. 9. What’s on the menu? If you haven’t visited the other Dion’s locations in Aurora or Colorado Springs, you’re about to discover some very tasty pizza, subs, salads, and homemade salad dressings. Learn more.

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Inside the Orchestra: Tiny Tots-Feb. 8 & Feb. 18

Immerse your kids in the magic of live professional music. Tailored to children ages six and under, Tiny Tots seats the audience on the floor and surrounds them with a 30+ piece professional orchestra. The conductor interacts with children, teaching them about the music while the kids can move, respond, and get an up-close-and-personal demo of the instruments. Live performances by the Central City Opera Ensemble Artists, too. Held at Mile High Church on Feb. 8 and History Colorado on Feb. 18 (petting zoo and free museum admission included). Tickets $9.95. Learn more.


Cops vs. Kids – Floor Hockey-Feb. 17, 4pm-6pm

Improving community relations through floor hockey. This event encourages kids ages 9-17 to get to know local police officers by taking them on in a friendly challenge. Held at the SunCor Boys and Girls Club. Free. Learn more.

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