About Oakwood Homes

Oakwood Homes was founded in 1991 by Patrick H. Hamill and is the premier Colorado and Utah Master-planned Community Developer and Residential Homebuilder. Oakwood Homes has built over 15,000 homes and developed award-winning, master-planned communities that people are proud to call home. As a builder and developer, Oakwood Homes is setting the pace for cutting-edge ideas and streamlined operations. From investing in the right technologies, partnerships and most importantly, our people, we have grown to be one of the top homebuilders in Colorado. Oakwood Homes is proud and honored to bring our experience to Reunion and work with the family of builders to offer a superb community experience for all residents.

Our Philosophy for Creating a Sense of Place

Before any single home is built, countless hours are dedicated to ensure that the highest level of detail goes into the planning of an Oakwood Homes master-planned community. Our communities are much more than housing developments, they provide all of the luxuries homeowners want and need to build a life, a family and a neighborhood. From thoughtfully thinking through parks and trails, to amenity uses, to areas for social gatherings, we look for ways to help the community connect, stay active and fulfilled by the experiences offered.

See Our Passion

Our passion for building – for real people and real life – not only in our signature homes, but in our dedicated efforts to enrich education and infrastructure in our communities. We work endlessly with city planners, educational boards, economic development councils, and the board of county commissioners to make our communities great.