26 Feb 2018

Beware the Myths of March

March is a festive month, with. St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Pi Day, etc., but there are several things it is NOT.

For instance, it originally was NOT the third month of the year,  but the first. That’s right. Before 150 B.C., one year was 10 months long and it all started on March 1. Apparently, January and February were just called “winter” and shunned.

And while most months are named for their Latin number, March is NOT. This month is actually named for Mars, the Roman God of War.

As for the Ides of March, no need to beware. According to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, a seer told Julius that his downfall would come no later than the Ides of March, which was simply the midpoint of the month. (Every month has “Ides.”) Caesar was all “whatevs” and ended up being murdered by a mob of conspirators. So you don’t have to beware the 15th of March unless you’re a clueless demagogue with a bunch of haters.

March is NOT typically springtime in Colorado, as we don’t get actual spring weather until late April or May, usually. But, at Reunion, March IS a fun month packed with all kinds of events worth checking out.


Sunday, March 11, 10am, Downtown Denver

This foot race is a family-friendly event that centers on the Irish celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day and spring. Runners are encouraged to wear green. The post-race party has been voted the best, and thousands of dollars are donated to Volunteers of America from the race. Reserve your spot today!


Saturday, March 17, 9:30am, Downtown Denver

Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the largest parades west of the Mississippi, with more than 200,000 revelers lining the route to enjoy horses, stagecoaches, marching bands, dancers, floats, and Irish-themed fun with a Western flair. This event gets crowded, so get there early for a good spot!


March 1-31, 8:30am/1pm, Front Range

Explore Denver’s winter wonderland on a showshoeing tour. Colorado’s Front Range has hundreds of trails that allow you to enjoy the wintertime wilderness. Choose either a 4-hour or 6-hour adventure to suit your schedule. All experience levels are welcome! Book now.


March 13-16, 9:30am/10:45am/11am, Denver Botanic Gardens

Get the young ones out of the house and show them a real live venus flytrap! Kids can take a close-up look at a few of our carnivorous plant friends and learn how these special plants grow. For ages 18 months to 3 years. Check schedule.


Saturday, March 31, 4pm, Hyatt Regency Denver

As the collaborative spirit of craft beer grows, so does this festival! Try more than 100 of the most exciting, rare, and delicious craft beers you’ll find anywhere. This year’s festival heads to a new location at the Hyatt Regency Denver downtown. Tickets include unlimited tastings.

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