05 Feb 2018

DIY Days

Are you a DIY kind of person? Do you love building things with your hands? Do you relish challenging your imagination? Well, read on. February is such a perfect DIY month because there usually isn’t too much going on and the cold weather may keep you indoors on the weekends. It’s too early in the season to start your spring cleaning and there are just only so many ways to organize your household. So why not channel your energies into a few crafty projects for your home?

Sliding Barn Door Nightstand

If you haven’t noticed (or watched 1,000 episodes of “Fixer Upper”), sliding barn doors are the RAGE these days. Installing barn doors on all the doorways in your house would be a little ambitious, so start small with something simple like a nightstand. This tutorial will show you how.

DIY Sofa/Laptop Side Table

It’s hard to get cozy on the couch, nestled in your blankets, when your cocktail/popcorn/laptop is sitting a few feet away on a coffee table. Too many core muscles are engaged for repeatedly sitting up and reaching over. That’s why these side tables have become popular – your digital devices, snack bowls, and beverage choices are within reach. And now you can make one in your own style.

DIY Wood Framed Mirror

You need a full-length mirror that reflects as much character as you reflect back. Here is a relatively cheap way to put together a rustic looking framed mirror that will brighten a bedroom corner without breaking the bank. If over-the-dresser starburst mirrors are more your thing, then here are several creative framing ideas for round mirrors.

DIY Platform Bed

If you’re the handy husband (or amazingly cool wife) with various things in your garage like a miter saw and a Kreg jig, well, here is your moment to shine. These plans are for a full-size bed, but you can adjust measurements to accommodate any mattress size.

Carpenter measure wooden board in his workshop.

DIY Chalkboard Window Calendar

Here’s a rustic chalkboard to help keep things organized around the house without looking too utilitarian. You can even add coat hooks along the bottom for additional usage. If you need a lot more room for your to-do lists every week, consider the taller version.

We hope these suggestions inspire you to pull out your tool boxes, roll up your sleeves, and create one or two incredible new DIY pieces for your house. And as always, please share photos of your wonderful creations with us! If you need more DIY home décor ideas, check out our Reunion Pinterest.

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