14 Dec 2015

Surviving the Holidays 101

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Right? Right??? That’s what we all hope for, but sometimes the reality of gift-giving, shipping, entertaining, traveling, and hyper-inflated expectations can lead to major stress. And feeling stressed can, well, add to the stress of what’s supposed to be such a joyful time.

Sometimes all we need is a little attitude adjustment. One place Reunion residents can always turn to is the community’s award-winning rec centerwhere you can power down at a yoga class. Sweat it out in a game of pickup basketball. Or engage in a little talk therapy while painting with your friends at a Coffee ‘n Canvas event.

Reunion rec center

Another sanity-saving idea? Call upon the collective wisdom of the Shea Homes Surviving the Holidays Pinterest board. Here are some highlights:

Let’s start with a few general ideas for calming. These 10 ways to instantly de-stress will remind you to chill in your spare moments by perhaps sipping a mug of green tea for its theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation. Or before bedtime, lighting a lavender candle, proven to inspire drowsiness.

And speaking of sleep, consider stretching before you turn out the light. Here are some specific stretch techniquesincluding 10 yoga poses you can do in bed, plus some hip-opening stretches perfect for those of us who sit in an office all day.

Reunion CO holidays instantly destress

Being sick during the holidays is the worst. So ward off trouble with these five tips for staying healthy, including drinking lots of water to counteract all the tasty, but dehydrating, schnapps and spiked eggnog. Also, try scheduling your workout before your parties. (Remembering all that hard work you just put in, you’ll be less inclined to overindulge.)

The holidays can be stressful financially, too. Counteract all the spending with these suggestions for cutting costs by taking advantage of seasonal sales at the grocery store, for example. And decorating your home for less money too.

Entertaining can bring its own challenges, from strategizing guests lists and menus to making sure you have enough stemware. These dinner party tips include the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken, along with suggestions for wine glasses, party games, and more. And should your guests stay for the weekend, here are eight ideas for keeping everyone happy.

Reunion holiday entertaining roast chicken

With all the seasonal activities and busyness, kids can pick up on the stressful vibe. Slow down and try meditating with your kids, using these step-by-step instructions for getting zen. If your children tend to get frazzled by the sensory overload of the season, check out these coping mechanisms. And finally, if you’re traveling with little ones, you’re entitled to call in for reinforcements. These tips for traveling on airplanes with kids suggest 20 travel activities and a bag of surprises to keep them engaged, plus bringing along a pair of pajamas to induce sleepiness.

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