18 Apr 2018

This Land is My Land

That patch of land outside your door is beckoning your bare feet, now that warm sunny weather is becoming the norm. And since winter has mostly passed on for the year, it’s time to start getting the lay of your land — or your “yard,” as they say.

This year, don’t settle for the usual — mowing grass, planting flowers, pruning shrubs, and turning on the sprinklers twice a week. Take a new look at your yard. Are you using this space to the fullest? Have you ever pushed yourself “out of the box” when thinking about how to landscape your yard? Are you brimming with ideas of how to evolve your yard and make it your own personal oasis?

Fear not — we are here with a list of landscaping trends for 2018. These trends emphasize an evolution in outdoor living and the focus on gardens providing pleasure for the homeowner. And they’re just so darn fun to read about.

Attract the Right Critters

We spend so much time figuring out how to keep animals and bugs out of our garden, we forget we need certain creatures to keep our plants healthy. Where would our flowers be without bees? By planting a bee garden, you can do your part to help the bees by adding to the shrinking inventory of flower-rich habitat in your area. If you love the idea of hummingbirds fluttering around your patio, design a hummingbird garden. Once these birds discover your property, they are likely to return each year.

Create a Meditation Garden

A meditation garden is a space where you can sit and simply be in the moment, letting go of the many worries and concerns of daily life. Meditation has repeatedly been shown to reduce stress and increase a person’s ability to focus. As many people are more easily and able to relax and find themselves in nature, the addition of a meditation garden is invaluable. When designing this space, remember to keep it simple and focus on comfort.

Landscape for your Dog

If you love your dog(s) but also want a nicely maintained landscape, there is hope for you! Designing a landscape for dogs is fun and satisfying for you and your rambunctious pup. This includes more than just the addition of tough plants. “Dogscaping” can also include the addition of creative hardscape features and a bit of dog psychology. Basically, consider the problems your dog causes in the yard and think of creative ways to solve them.

Start a Small Vegetable Garden

If you want to grow veggies but you’re working with a limited space, you have options! You don’t need a lot of room to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Your small space vegetable garden just needs good soil, plenty of sunshine, a water source and possibly a fence. And if your knees and lower back are shot, you can also grow goodies in containers to sit on your patio, front steps, or driveway. If space is really limited, you may want to consider growing veggies on a windowsill, too.


Go Lawn-Free!

Ditch that thirsty grass in favor of a beautiful, easy-to-care-for garden! You can always rip out the turf grass and replace it with concrete, flagstone, pea gravel, mulch, or any other texture that’s easy to maintain (check your HOA rules first, of course). Create a tapestry of plants along pathways or go for a desert look with cactus and Japanese maples. You can top it all off with a centrally-located butterfly fountain to draw these brightly-colored creatures into your view and provide them with a necessary supply of water.

Whatever direction you decide to go with your yard, we hope you create the perfect paradise for you and your family. And as always, send us your photos! We love to see the different styles and creative energy our neighbors put into their homesteads, and share them on Instagram.

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