19 Jan 2016

Tips for a winning football party

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Big Game, a milestone worthy of a bit more than popping open a fresh can of French onion dip. Regardless of whether your favorite team is playing this year (sigh), why not celebrate five decades of thrilling football, over-the-top halftime shows, and cutting-edge advertising with a little extra oomph? Fire up your Reunion party planning with the ideas below.

Let’s start with the food, since watching all that physical effort can work up a big appetite. Make your first stop the Reunion Fall Football and Tailgating Pinterest board. Here, you’ll find all kinds of tasty recipes, from Slow Cooker Beef Nachos and Fried Pickles (who knew you could make your own?) to more unexpected offerings, such as Parmesan-Coated Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto.

proscuitto game day recipe

For dessert, have fun getting all Jackson Pollock-like with this Tie-Dye Cake using your favorite team’s colors, shared on the Reunion Entertaining Pinterest board.

Real Simple offers suggestions for beverages, including signature cocktails and creative ways to serve beer, such as drink tags and mini-helmets atop the bottles.

For décor, turn to celebrations.com for DIY projects. Make these sweet football cascarones, filled with confetti. You can pop them open after each touchdown. The kids will especially love this. (Watch tutorial here.Two other ideas on the celebrations website include creating tassel garlands and bunting in team colors—no sewing required.

football game day cascarones

While the game and goodies may keep hardcore fans satisfied, others may enjoy a bit more diversion. This website offers 19 Big Game party games.

If we’re having a warm-ish day, the perfect antidote to all that sitting could be a pre-game or halftime session of touch football. But if everyone’s hunkering down inside, how about a football trivia game (download questions and answers hereor bingo with these downloadable cards?

Bingo categories include names of companies such as Sprint and Best Buy. See an ad by one of those companies and you can cross off that square. Another fun game is “Don’t Say It.” Pick a word that guests aren’t allowed to say during the party. If they do, they’ll be penalized. For instance, every time a guest says the word “football,” they’ll have to do a cartwheel. (Be smart about the drinking part, of course.)

super bowl bingo

Consider games for the kids, too. Have them make these origami footballs so they can play “flick football” with their fingers as goalposts. Or “hot football,” which is like hot potato, but uses a foam football. When the music stops, whoever is holding the football is “out.” Winner is the last one standing. And for extra-quiet games, try these downloads for a football word search, word jumble, and kid-friendly bingo.

Of course, something everyone can participate in is guessing the final score for the game. Create a sheet where everyone writes down their guess, and give away a prize like a Nerf football or tin of popcorn to the winner. Hopefully, it’s going to be a close, action-packed game for the 50th anniversary. Which will only add to your very well-planned and memorable party.

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