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Real serenity

Here at the Reunion Metro District Community Association, we take great pride in ensuring the beauty, safety and stability of our community all while fostering a friendly neighborhood environment and addressing anything affecting our beloved Reunion.

We credit our management to our community’s success and the Board is excited to have a dedicated, high-quality, and experienced team in MSI.

Please note that HOA/Recreation Fees will be $109.50 per unit each quarter.

Our Community Manager for the Reunion Metro District may be reached at (720) 974-4113.
Please call your Community Manager if you have any questions or concerns.
Our Accounting Technician may be reached at (303) 420-4433.
Access our Association services at www.reu.msihoa.com and click Sign-In (upper right corner). If you’re new to this service, please complete the Sign-Up information to set up a user name and password to the site’s private and secured portions.

To report an HOA related comment or concern, please submit your inquiry on the Contact the District page. You may also report your comment or concern to the community manager at 720-974-4113.

Please read the following documents for more information:

Enforcement Policy & Procedures

  1. Courtesy Notice – One courtesy notice shall be provided informing an owner of an alleged violation. The owner shall have 30 days to cure the violations unless such cure will take longer than 30 days to cure. If this is the case, then the cure shall be started within 30 days.
  2. Notice of Complaint and Hearing – The owner shall receive a complaint notice of the alleged violation via certified mail. The owner will have 15 days to cure, respond to the allegations, or request a hearing with the reunion tribunal.
  3. Hearing – A hearing shall be scheduled with the tribunal members.
  4. Sanctions / Fines – Upon finding that a violation of the governing documents has occurred, and in accordance with the recommendation of the tribunal of applicable, the board may revoke the owner’s membership privileges. Subject to the provisions below, staff may levy fines for violations of the governing documents as follows:
    • Number of Violations in a 12-Month Period and Fine Amount
    • First Violation: $25
    • Second Similar Violation: $50
    • Third and Subsequent Similar Violation: $100

Common Violations

  • Basketball nets not stowed in the proper place
  • Making an exterior architectural change without approval from the committee
  • Making a landscape change without approval from the committee
  • Utility vehicles stored in front of the house
  • Yards not well maintained: dead trees, lawn not kept trim, planting beds not kept clear of weeds

Reunion is a non-CCIOA association that is not required to comply with SB-100 Reporting Requirements – However, below is summary information you may provide to your clients.

District Financial Reports

Minutes & Agendas

Regular physical and aesthetic maintenance of fencing is required. Fences not finished by the Builder or Developer may be left natural, sealed with a clear waterproof sealant, or finished using Behr Solid Color Cedar #SC146. To maintain a unified appearance, refinish by power washing and overcoat with the approved stain color.