10 places to run barefoot


places to run barefoot

Along with our large central Reunion Park, 10 cozy neighborhood parks have a wealth of attractions: benches, playgrounds, picnic shelters—all surrounded by rippling blue lakes, trickling waterfalls, and the occasional quacking mallard. Calming isn’t it?

80 roasted beans per mug


roasted beans per mug

What’s more relaxing than having your very own café right in your community? How about going to Reunion CoffeeHouse enjoying acoustic guitar performance while sipping Kona coffee and watching blaze orange sunsets? Ahhh. That’s more like it.

1 of-a-kind educational experience


of-a-kind educational experience

STEAD empowers students to design and lead their own college and/or career pathways within the context of an exciting Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, and system Design learning environment. Heads, hearts, and hands are engaged in project-based learning as students develop their unique passions to become lifelong learners, thinkers, creators, and activists.

8 acres of lakes


acres of lakes

If you’re interested in seeing more of Reunion by foot, walking paths encircle eight acres of lakes and picturesque waterfalls.

365 days of fun, fun and fun


days of fun, fun and fun

Never a dull day here in Reunion with everything going on. January through December, activities and experiences are everywhere to go out, collect, and share later with friends and family at the dinner table.

See our calendar of events.

21,000 square feet to stay active


square feet to stay active

Don’t be fooled by the red barn. Inside is a sprawling rec center bursting with workout facilities and a full-on gymnasium, multipurpose areas, and changing rooms. Kids will scream with glee splashing into the outdoor pool with a twisting water slide looking down at interactive fun features.

52 acres for playtime


acres for playtime

Endless fresh green grass is an open invitation for soccer matches, football games, playgrounds, and picnics. And better pop a few bags of popcorn—summer brings late movies under the stars to our amphitheater.

18 holes of swings and putts


holes of swings and putts

The back nine of Buffalo Run Golf Course makes a friendly neighbor to Reunion. Owned and managed by Commerce City, this links-style public course keeps golfers smiling from the 1st hole to the 18th.

2 amazing pools at reunion


amazing pools at reunion

Introducing the latest spot for summer time fun at Reunion… the Southlawn Pool. The new pool facility is conveniently located south of 104th in the Southlawn neighborhood and is open to use by all Reunion residents.