The Best Places to See Colorado’s Cold Weather Wonders

Colorado is known for its vibrant colors and sunny days, but winter has a special magic of its own. Whether you’re down for a weekend-long getaway or are aiming to knock out a quick day trip, we’ve uncovered the state’s must-see sights this snowy season that are just a hop, skip, and a jump from Reunion.

The Best Places to See Colorado’s Cold Weather Wonders

Dillon’s Ice Castles

One of the more well-known spots to marvel at the majesty of frozen thrones is the Ice Castles located in Dillon, Colorado — just 90 minutes from Reunion. For less than $25, you and the whole family can walk through caverns, glaciers, and ice tunnels while admiring lights and hand-carved sculptures along the way. Your loved ones are sure to have a blast in this fantastical environment — they might have a hard time “Let(ting) It Go” when it’s time to leave!

Rifle Falls

Known as an outdoor paradise in the summer, in the colder months this serene oasis transforms as the waterfalls freeze and almost seem to stop in time. Once a hidden gem, this winter wonder has become more popular over the last few years — so be sure to arrive early and plan to pay a small fee for parking. We promise the incredible sights will be worth the pocket change!

The Best Places to See Colorado’s Cold Weather Wonders

Strawberry Hot Springs

If cold weather isn’t really your thing but you’d still like to peep some frosted pines, journey out to Steamboat Springs for a soak in the Strawberry Hot Springs! Surrounded by shimmering trees and steaming water, you can bask in the sight of snow while bathing in nature’s very own homemade jacuzzi. Strawberry Park is just a three-hour trip away from Denver, so you can either stay overnight or make it home in time for dinner.

Ouray Ice Park

For the thrill-seekers out there, Ouray hosts a yearly man-made ice park that has become a mecca for climbers around the world. Adventure lovers flock from near and far to conquer this icy climb — or to simply gaze upon the gorgeous blue glacier. Although these frozen falls are a longer journey from Denver, Ouray is the perfect location to enjoy a cozy weekend getaway.

No matter which places pique your interest, Colorado’s winters have a picture-perfect sight for your whole family. When a gorgeous home at Reunion is your base camp, it’s easy to adventure around our stellar state. Of course, our neighborhood has miles of trails and other winter-friendly amenities right here as well!