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We are a dynamic learning community that makes STEAD come to life – making learning impactful, meaningful and engaging for every learner. Our revolutionary education model is inspired by, and centered around, what makes students come alive and feel connected to what they are learning. It is grounded in real-world, tangible problem solving and is fueled by constant innovation and collaboration with our dynamic community, our creative educators and an ecosystem of business and industry collaborations unique to our location. We make learning real by allowing students to follow their passions, dig deeper, ask more, debate with confidence and push their own boundaries as they apply their hands-on learning to tangible issues locally and globally.

Our campus sparks ideas and encourages meaningful debate and broad thinking. This is learning, exploration and discovery that connects the dots between textbook and reality, discovery and implementation. Our unique curriculum immerses students in STEAD by using the lens of agriculture, water, food, medicine, business and more so that everything they learn applies to the real world. We empower students with the skills, knowledge, confidence and resiliency to be relentlessly curious, fearlessly inquisitive and constantly innovative as they become prepared to succeed in higher education, career and beyond all while making a real difference today.

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The STEAD School

The STEAD School will be located in The Reunion Center • Serving students in 9th – 12th grades

The STEAD School

Meet Kevin Denton…
the founding School Leader
at the STEAD School

An experienced High School Principal, Career and Technical Education Director, and STEM educator with over 15 years of progressive educational experience. Kevin launched his career as a science and math educator and has been recognized by the Fund for Teachers, National Geographic, and Expeditionary Learning, as a leader in student-centered, active pedagogy.