Reunion Community Foundation

There are a lot of interacting variables that make a for a vibrant and sustainable community. After twenty-five years as a community builder and developer, Oakwood Homes has learned that no one thing makes a community sustainable, but a couple things in particular are consistently present – great schools and a range of community events that help bring people together. To help support and facilitate these important interactions, Oakwood Homes as the community developer of Reunion has established the Reunion Community Foundation, as a 501c3 legacy nonprofit that beginning in 2019 will offer initial resources across three key programming areas – education, community events and public art within the Reunion community.

This effort, which Oakwood Homes calls “Great Gifts” will include start-up funding from Oakwood Homes to launch the nonprofit with future funding coming from a range of community-led events and activities that will evolve over time and is intended to be in place long after Oakwood Homes finishes building homes. Oakwood Homes goal is to make sure the community foundation has a solid foundation upon which the community can ultimately guide and direct these resources for the benefit of Reunion residents and the community as a whole well into the future.

Early funding efforts will focus on helping advance the NextGEN Educational campus, along with smaller grants in support of reunion community events and some new public art programing.