It’s hot outside, but it’s chill inside.

We get it. As amazing Colorado summers are, you’ll have days it’s just too hot to go outdoors. Not every Saturday or Sunday has to be spent hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, ziplining, or brunching. It’s okay to sit on the couch, draw the blinds, and pull up a binge-worthy show on Netflix. If you’re looking for a few streaming entertainment ideas, your friends at Reunion have recommendations:


It’s hot outside, but it’s chill inside.

group of friends watching tv at night and eating pizza together

The Staircase

Are you a fan of true crime and unsolved mysteries? Then this series is everything you could possibly want: an accidental death, an accusation of murder, an … “owl theory”??? … and an absorbing story about truth and justice. This is definitely a show to binge with other true crime fans and then hold discussions afterwards to see what everyone thinks happened.  

Voltron, Legendary Defender

If you have house full of young ‘uns, you may not want murder and intrigue dancing across your TV screen. That’s understandable. Netflix has plenty of family-friendly programming and one of the more anticipated offerings coming out this summer is the latest season of Voltron, Legendary Defender. This is an ‘80s classic reboot where five intrepid kids defend the universe against evil.

The Innocents

This British sci-fi thriller is a good choice for fans of supernatural type romances (or fans of the actor Guy Pearce). The story is about a teenage girl who runs away from home with her boyfriend, only to discover she’s a shapeshifter and can assume the appearance of other people. Pearce plays a sinister character trying to track her down. We’re pretty sure this will get more hype as the release date in August approaches.

Like Father

Maybe a heartwarming comedy is more your speed? Then tune into this film starring loveable actors Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammar, and Seth Rogen. After Bell’s character gets left at the altar, she ends up accidentally taking her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father, played by Grammar. As they head to their inevitable cathartic reconnection, you’ll get a few belly laughs along the way.


It’s hot outside, but it’s chill inside.

Funny young dark-skinned man sitting on grey sofa in living room with notebook pc on his lap, staring at screen with shocked or scared look, covering mouth with hand while watching scary movie

The Boy

If you’re looking for additional chills and thrills, The Boy is a creepy caper starring Lauren Cohan (best known as Maggie on The Walking Dead). Cohan plays a nanny hired to look after what she thinks is an 8-year-old boy, but turns out to be a life-size doll. The parents treat the doll as if it’s human, helping them cope with the loss of their own son 20 years earlier. This film delivers lots of scares and a fantastic twist ending – make sure you watch with the lights out!


Hopefully these suggestions will get you started for your binge sessions. And don’t forget Reunion has outdoor movie nights this summer as well, in case you decide to venture out after sundown.