Coffee’s On at Reunion - Reunion CO

Coffee’s On at Reunion

When it comes to life at Reunion, we really do have it all. An amazing 21,000 square-foot rec center, a 52-acre park, 10 miles of community trails, 8 acres of lakes… we can go on and on. Everything we do is part of our master plan to create a thriving neighborhood that fosters real connections and a true community space.


So that’s why we’re so proud to announce the opening of the Reunion Coffee House. Yes! Our very own community shop where we can gather together, celebrate occasions, make friends, and enjoy a good cup of coffee with a neighbor. In addition to coffee, they’ll also serve wine and beer on Thursday and Friday nights. Keep an eye out for community events, live music, and more. You can even rent the space for your very own private party.

The coffee house will proudly serve up Colorado products, including Boyer’s premium coffee, Hand Craft Bakery, and Share Good Foods. The coffee house will serve as the community’s information center, where you can learn about Reunion’s rich history, builders, and local developments.  

One of the best aspects of the coffee shop will be your servers. Oakwood Homes has partnered up with Community Uplift Partnership (CUP), a local non-profit working to break the cycle of poverty through education and relationship. CUP provides a place where they can teach barista apprentices job skills in a hands-on environment. This education received working at the coffee house will make these apprentices highly marketable in the workplace after they graduate. So with every sip of your steaming mug of coffee goodness, you’ll know that you are giving back to your community in many ways.

We hope to see you at the Reunion Coffee House soon!