Make that Playroom Magic

Now that summer break is almost over, cooler weather and shorter days are approaching, which means kids will be spending more time indoors. If you’re lucky enough to live in a Shea home, you most likely have plenty of room for a play space or an entire playroom for your kids to frolic in. If you need a little inspiration for making this play area more appealing, your friends at Reunion have a few suggestions:

Make that Playroom Magic

Modern playroom for children

LEGO Table

This is an easy DIY project that can turn an old coffee table into a LEGO-land playing field. It gives kids a specific space to create LEGO works of art and it also gives Mom and Dad a basket or two to stow the little pieces away and off the floor.

No-sew Teepee

You’ve probably seen all the magazines with the teepees for kids’ playrooms. And you’ve probably balked at the price of said teepees. Well what if you could build your own for less than $10? You’ll need fabric, wood, a glue gun, and a bit of creativity. No sewing machine required! And once you get the hang of it, you could also make one for your backyard.

Plush Animal Mat

If you do own a sewing machine and are not afraid to use it, this quilted animal play mat is a nice addition if your playroom has hardwood floors or your kids love to lay on the floor reading or coloring or watching TV. Even though a lion is demonstrated, you can customize the rug according to your kiddos’ animal preferences.

Climbing Wall/Room

Are your kids future Colorado outdoor athletes? Are they already climbing the walls, so to speak? Maybe you should have a climbing wall (or room) professionally installed to help them practice their extreme skills. And while this example of a climbing room doesn’t come with the instructions, it does inspire, doesn’t it?

Chalkboard Wall

If your kid is more artistic than athletic, then let that inner DaVinci shine with his or her own chalkboard wall. You can use old frames for extra fun and even use drawer pulls to hold the chalk.

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

If you want to give your playroom a more light-hearted flair, these pom-poms are gorgeous and easy to make. Get the kids involved in picking out their favorite colors in tissue paper and then get everyone together for craft night to put these together.

Playrooms are spaces of fun and creativity, so make sure the décor matches the mood! We hope these ideas help inspire you to build and decorate a brilliant playroom that will keep your kids playing, learning, and creating. And make sure you send us pictures of the finished project! Just tag @reunionCO on Instagram.