Bring Everything Awesome About Fall Indoors

Most people flock to the outdoors to take in the vivid colors of changing leaves, the smell of cinnamon apples, and the taste of pumpkin spice. But what if you could capture everything that is wonderful about autumn and infuse it throughout your own home?

At Reunion, we love the fall season and everything it has to offer. We’ve curated a few excellent ideas on how to make the most of this incredible, sensory-filled season.

Bring Everything Awesome About Fall Indoors

Fall autumn festive table setting place setting with pumpkins, plate, fork, knife and napkin on burlap background

The Natural Elements

With so many traditional outdoor elements of fall, we’ve found a few ways to tame them and turn them into home décor. For starters, gather a bunch of colorful leaves outside and then wax them. It’s easy. And when you’re done, you can place them in a clear bowl, gather them together to make a wreath, or string them into a leaf garland. If you find white pumpkins, use ModPodge to decoupage the surface with pressed leaves – the result is gorgeous! You can create this beautiful centerpiece with corn husks, gourds, and ornamental corn. And these lovely pinecone candle holders will add a special glow around your house on those chilly fall nights.

The Colors

To create the traditional rustic aesthetic of autumn, weave in the traditional colors associated with the season, including burnt-orange, evergreen, off-white, and even streaks of red. If you’re looking to get a real “cabin in the woods” feel, this lumberjack wallpaper is a lot of fun! But if you’re looking for something more trendy and contemporary, Pantone has released its Fall/Winter 2018 palette and it’s a bit unexpected — not the usual shades of changing leaves.

The Aromas

No other season has quite the aroma of fall. Have you ever walked into a house where pumpkin bread was coming fresh out of the oven? It’s a comforting smell like no other. Another lovely idea to bring that autumn aroma into your kitchen is to mull wine or simmer potpourri on the stove. For other rooms in the house, try these essential oils or peruse this list of popular fall-scented candles.

The Flavors

Don’t just bring fall indoors, bring it into your kitchen! Autumn-inspired comfort food is some of the best around. Feel your stomach growl when you read about this Autumn Beef Stew, inspired by Julia Child. The wine-rich broth surrounds generous chunks of carrot, potato, and butternut squash. If you like more heat than savory, try this Harvest Chipotle Chili, with sweet potatoes and apples. And when you’re ready for dessert, serve up this delectable Spiced Pear-Cranberry Cobbler for a sweet-tangy fruit duo. For the record, all of these recipes pair nicely with an array of delicious pumpkin beers. And fall isn’t fall without spectacular pie recipes: gingerbread-apple pie, fall harvest sweet potato pie, and amaretto-almond crunch pumpkin pie.

Are you ready for your fall season now? If you come up with any clever autumn décor ideas, please take a picture and tag @reunionco on Instagram – we love seeing the creativity of our community in action!