Reunion’s unBOOlievable Trunk or Treat 2018 - Reunion CO

Reunion’s unBOOlievable Trunk or Treat 2018

On October 28, Reunion residents celebrated Halloween with an alternative trick-or-treating extravaganza: The Annual Trunk Or Treat at Reunion Rec!. Families celebrated the night with candy, fire trucks, police cars, delicious food, masterfully decorated vehicles, and the chance to climb in a monster truck. Relive the spooktacular night with photos of our resident goblins and ghouls.

Blog Photo 1

Residents had no trouble collecting candy from our farm friends. No prob”llama” at all.

Blog Photo 2

Rarely seen during daylight, these spooky vampires had a fangtastic time handing out candy.

Blog Photo 3

Jack and Sally entertained families while singing the pumpkin song!

Blog Photo 4

Local middle schoolers were clearly inspired by “The Little Mermaid!” We love this under-the-sea theme.

Blog Photo 5

Thank you to the police officers and firefighters who serve our community and dished out delightful treats.

Blog Photo 6

Repeat after us: Clowns are not scary!

Blog Photo 7

We are totally in awe of this Coco-inspired trunk and family!

Join us next year for spooktacular time, and thank you to everyone who donated their time and Halloween spirit!