Head into 2019 with Realistic Resolutions

Hello Reunion residents! It’s that time of year when the holiday parties wind down, the big family dinners drift to nibbling on leftovers in the fridge, and the dreaded go-back-to-work and go-back-to-school dates loom on the January calendar.

This is also that time of year when you might notice how tight your pants are fitting, how puffy your face is in holiday photographs, and how winded you get walking up a flight of stairs. But hey – 2019 is right around the corner and you’re going to start going to the gym and eating celery and drinking kombucha! Right? But hey, didn’t we tell ourselves this same story last year? And how well did that work out?

Most New Year’s resolutions fizzle out by February. Mainly because it’s hard to switch your routines and we look at dieting and exercise as chores. And when we don’t get results quickly, we get easily discouraged.

So instead of thinking “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” or “I’m going to fit into a size 6,” make a resolution to try new activities this year. Activities that are fun but healthy, and also keep you moving. Once you find an activity you truly enjoy doing, the weight loss and healthier diet tends to follow. Here are a few suggestions:


Join Meetup.com

Meetup is a wonderful community where you can find people who have the same interests you have. If you’ve ever wanted to try paddle boarding, there’s most likely a beginners’ group (or an outdoor activity group) you can join and find opportunities to get into a new sport with other enthusiasts. Or you can even start your own Meetup group. For instance, start a neighborhood “morning walk” group that meets every morning at 7am and does a loop around the lake. This way you get moving in the mornings and you make new friends in your neighborhood.


Join a League

Sports leagues are easy to find, typically not expensive, and a way to meet new people who like being active. Find a local softball league or dodgeball league and commit for a season. Usually you can find leagues for adults but if you find you’re the oldest person there, don’t let that intimidate you. Hanging out with a younger crowd can actually make you feel younger.


Train to Climb a 14er This Spring

You live in Colorado so this is a no-brainer. Training to climb a 14er is actually a lot of work but it’s also fun. And having an actual, realistic goal is very motivating. You can join a hiking group on Meetup or take a class at REI, but you will need to train for a few weeks on shorter mountains to get acclimated to the elevation. Remember to start early, pack plenty of water and dress in layers. And always tell people ahead of time what your plans are.


Hit up the Reunion Rec Center

Start getting fit in your own neighborhood. Busy the kids while you train; Reunion Rec offers a variety of activities for all ages, and even childcare. No one can disrupt your one-on-treadmill time. If you’re tired of the weightroom, mix things up with a dance class or gather for a friendly game of HORSE on our state-of-the-art basketball court. Register here.

Now get out there and get active! We’re pretty sure you’ll find new adventure and new friends in 2019.