Hack Your Living Room Space

Today is January…. something. Does it matter what day it is? Isn’t every day in January the same? You may not have a lot going on this month so it feels like everyday is like the other, especially coming off the excitement of the holidays. But this month isn’t a total wash. You can still take this otherwise bland time of year and turn it into something productive.

Hack Your Living Room Space

It’s a little too soon for spring cleaning, so maybe we should refer to this as winter re-organizing? Anyway, as every Reunion home features a spacious, light-filled living room with all kinds of possibilities, let’s start there. Are you doing the most with yours? Here are living room hacks you might find helpful:

Install a Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

If you’re dealing with one or more blank walls in your living room, consider installing an entire wall-sized bookcase. This will allow you to display any collections, photos, books, and trinkets in one place so you can be more minimalistic with the surfaces in the rest of the room.

Organize Unsightly Cords

Do you ever think about the giant hairball of cords behind your TV and shudder? Well, you can find plenty of attractive cable cord organizers on the market, or DIY by plugging everything into one long powerstrip and then using bread tags to indicate which cord is for which device. (This also works for the cords behind your desk!) Also consider creating a charging station for phones, tablets, etc. by using an old magazine rack situated next to a wall outlet.

Create Storage Under the Couch

If you’re looking for more storage space in your living room, consider getting risers for your couch. Depending on how high you raise your sectional, you can fit drawers, crates, or baskets underneath to store movies, magazines, TV trays, or games.

Keep Coffee Table Decluttered

The coffee table surface tends to be the catch-all for remotes, books, magazines, drink coasters, etc. So if your current coffee table doesn’t have any shelving or drawers underneath to help store these items, consider getting one or adding crates underneath. Or pick up a stylish tray and let it corral all of these items in one space. One popular trick for hiding remotes is to hollow out an old hardcover book and store them inside.

Add a Behind-the-Couch Table (or Shelf)

If you have a couch pushed up against the wall, consider putting a narrow table or hanging a shelf behind it to separate it from the wall. That way you have an additional surface for lamps, remotes, plants, etc. and will keep the couch from being pressed up against anything plugged into the wall outlet.

Hopefully these hacks will help hide away cluttering items and wayward devices to streamline the coziest room in the house. Have any hacks you want to share? We’re all ears. Send them our way!