What’s Brewing at the Reunion Coffee House?

Since opening in September 2018, the Reunion Coffee House has been the neighborhood’s favorite caffeinated amenity. Each week the coffee house serves up a full schedule of events and delicious drinks, and acts as a place to meet with friends and neighbors. DYK? The Reunion Coffee House is a nonprofit that serves more than just Reunion residents.

What’s Brewing at the Reunion Coffee House?

A Perfect Partnership 
Oakwood Homes has partnered with Community Uplift Partnership (CUP), a Colorado nonprofit working to break the cycle of poverty through education in the workplace. CUP provides barista job skills in a hands-on environment, and the experience received working at the Reunion Coffee House can make apprentices competitive in the workplace after they graduate. With every sip of joe, you’ll know that you are giving back to your community in many ways. Stop by anytime and staff members will be happy to discuss more about this awesome program. 

A Commitment to Colorado
In addition to this cause, the drinks are pieces of art. The Reunion Coffee House proudly serves Colorado products like those from Boyer’s Coffee, a company that harvests using ethical farming techniques and has been roasting beans in the Centennial State since 1965. If you are looking for a bite to eat, the counters are filled with baked goods from Hand Craft Bakery and Share Good Foods. Protip: You can order online if you want to beat the morning rush!

Latte to Love
The Reunion Coffee House is always buzzing with events and activities. Throughout the year, the welcoming space is homebase for our Coffee With Kelly event, where residents can enjoy fab drinks while meeting with Oakwood Homes’ Executive Vice President of Operations Kelly Leid to discuss updates in our neighborhood. The space is also filled with arts and crafts highlighting Reunion residents, and one of our favorite events is weekly bingo on Thursdays at 1pm. You’ll  also find faith-based yoga, storytime for children, and — of course — double punch Tuesdays!

Remember, the Reunion Coffee House is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 2pm and Saturdays from 7am to 4pm. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and Instagram and tag @ReunionCO in your most brewtiful coffee photos!