Make the Most of Thanksgiving Week at Reunion

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, family, and plenty of food — but keeping the kids busy during the long Thanksgiving break can be its own production! Luckily, living at Reunion means plenty of space for the entire family to play and bond during downtime. We’ve organized some of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed activities to help you create lifelong memories with your family.

Outdoor Activities

Make the Most of Thanksgiving Week at Reunion

These activities are certain to entertain — and tucker out — both your kids and their gaggles of friends. Any of these would be perfect in one of Reunion’s 150 acres of park space, including Reunion Park and 10 neighborhood parks.

Flag football is a classic family activity that nurtures team-building while also sneaking in some full-body exercise. The best perk of playing? You won’t have the same safety concerns you would have with a traditional football game in the backyard. 

A pumpkin hunt is a fall take on a distinctly spring tradition. Simply swap out the standard Easter eggs with leftover pumpkins or decorative gourds for a Thanksgiving activity that captures a bit of that spring energy. Too cold to play outside? Bring those pumpkins in and make it an indoor hunt!

Popcorn relay races are a fun way to get the whole family involved in an activity. All you’ll need to get started are few household items and a willingness to get silly. Protip: Make sure your pets are inside while you play to keep their hungry mouths away from the tasty popcorn.

Sledding is a snow day classic. Take advantage of any fresh powder without traveling too far from home by sledding at one of Reunion’s many open spaces!

Indoor Activities

Make the Most of Thanksgiving Week at Reunion

Even with the weather as beautiful as Reunion’s, some fall activities are simply better indoors — especially when paired with a piping hot mug of cider.

Turkey bowling is part craft, part game, all fun! Bust out the glue gun to make the turkey “pins” before unleashing your kids to bring them toppling down.

Crafting your own playdough turkeys is a perfect way to stoke creativity while building fine motor skills! All you’ll need are a few googly eyes, some uncooked spaghetti, playdough, and your imagination.

Pin the tail on the turkey is another remix on a classic. By replacing the standard donkey with a turkey, you’ll give your kids plenty of Thanksgiving-themed giggles.

Head on over to Reunion’s Rec Center. The big red barn is the perfect chilly day destination, with a gymnasium, multipurpose rooms, and activities galore.

What are some of your favorite family activities to do around Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to tag @ReunionCO in your Thanksgiving adventures on Instagram so that we can share in the fall fun!