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Old Turkey, New Twist: Thanksgiving leftover recipes that your family will love

Do you already have the turkey blues just thinking about Thanksgiving? Are you tired of an endless parade of leftovers, each indistinguishable from the last? No problem! Jazz up your Thanksgiving leftovers with the following recipes. Let’s dive in and gobble down.

One good way to use up those leftovers? Combine them together and deep-fry them. These Thanksgiving Leftover Balls are the best thing to happen to holiday meals since Capriotti’s Bobbie sub.

We all love mashed potatoes, but by day three even the tastiest batches get a bit repetitive. Smearing them on a pizza is a sneaky way to use them up in a meal that is sure to be a family crowd pleaser.

Feeling a little fancy? A delicious turkey milanese with an arugula salad will be perfect.

Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year (and every year), which means you’ll have plenty of food to repurpose into weekend brunches. We personally believe everything tastes better when it comes out of a waffle iron.

Thanksgiving nachos. That’s it. That’s the recommendation.

Have a hankering for something sweet? These cranberry turnovers will use up all of your leftover cranberry sauce — but they are seriously good enough to crack open a fresh can if you’ve already run out.

For those of us who are purists, we know the most classic way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers is the Moistmaker. This iconic sandwich from the kitchen of Monica Gellar is often discussed but rarely attempted. But this is our year, so let’s slather that extra piece of bread in gravy and seize our leftover destiny!

We know you have your own favorite Thanksgiving remix recipes and we want to hear them! Drop us a line in the comments to share your recipes, tag us on Instagram at @reunionco, or let us know if you tried one of ours.