Creative Uses For Your Extra Room

Creative Uses For Your Extra Room

Whether your kiddos have flown the coop to give you an empty nest or if your home features an extra room designed for spreading out, we have a few ideas to make the most of your additional space. 

Movie Theatre

An in-home theatre allows everyone to enjoy movies and TV in style. Amp up your home cinema center with lavish and inviting furniture, quality tech equipment, and a mini concession stand stocked with all your favorite goodies and snacks to enhance the overall experience. Find ideas and inspiration by considering your family’s movie-going style to make the most of your gorgeous new in-home movie theatre.

Home Bar

Get imaginative and choose your theme — perhaps a stylish wine bar à la Barcelona? Think back to a place where you had a blast and reinvent the feeling it gave you. If your bar doesn’t occupy the entire room, include other aspects — like café chairs where your guests can comfortably sip your cocktail creations. Maybe a mature whiskey tasting room fits your style, so get creative by upcycling old whiskey barrels as tables. Your personal bar scene is sure to flourish with surprising shelving that will be the backbone of your whistle-wetting zone.


Curling up with a good book is better when enjoyed in your own breathtaking library. Display your favorite stories in an eye-popping arrangement or opt for geometric bookcases. To create a thoughtful space where you can thumb through pages, try adding a simple desk or table. Select unique book-inspired wallpaper to give the illusion of having a few more books as you continue building your collection. Take it to the next level by adding a staircase or mobile ladder to help you reach those beauties stacked up high. No matter your style, housing your reading material in your home’s extra room is sure to create a peaceful oasis.

Tranquility Room

Focus on your mental and physical health by designing a serene yoga or meditation zone. Seize the opportunity to incorporate low-maintenance indoor plants that produce oxygen and increase your room’s overall energy. Install sturdy bamboo flooring and invest in a quality sound system to set the vibes with ambiance and music. Introduce luscious aromatherapy oil or incense to ignite your senses and stimulate your breathing. If you have enough floor space in your spare room, include a tranquil indoor fountain or mini-waterfall that’s sure to lull you into a relaxing, peaceful state of being in your new sanctuary. Breathe in. Breathe out. Namaste.

Art Studio

Art studios are as unique as the artists who create them. Keep it neat as a pin using handy organizational gizmos or go for a paint-on-the-walls, organized chaos aesthetic. Allow your studio to accommodate your many morphing interests by stocking it with everything from decoupage to macrame tools. Find inspiration in these stellar photos to make the space your own.

Music Room

Get the whole family moving and grooving in your very own music room. Showcase your family’s grand piano or keep a few maracas on hand so everyone can make noise together. Let your instruments double as wall decorations to reflect your funky style, or display your musical heroes’ vinyl albums to set the stage. From Mozart to Maroon 5, let your music room set the right tone.

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