Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Every Way

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Every Way

We’ve collected several ideas to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Everything from quality self-pampering to whipping up a delicious meal for two, you’re in for a day of decadence. 

Get Crafty

A handmade gift is so much more special than one that comes in the mall. Plus, you’re the one who gets to use the glitter! Put your scissors and glue to use by creating a charming, heart-shaped paper chandelier to hang over your dinner table. When you’re ready to toast your Valentine, serve your bottle of bubbly in glitter-encrusted Champagne flutes bedazzled by your own two loving hands. Break out your craft box and get inspired with these artful ideas. 

With Your Bestie

If you’ve never heard of “Galentine’s Day,” allow us to introduce you to the concept: This is a fantastic way to celebrate your friendship with your best gal-pal. To select the perfect present, reflect on her personal taste, interests, and style. If she’s a bookworm, opt for a cozy blanket for her to wrap up and get cozy in. Maybe she’s a jet-setter who prefers a cute cosmetic bag to help organize her vacation look. Whatever you choose, you two are sure to enjoy Galentine’s Day as much as any other day together.

Romantic Meals for Two

Take the direct line to your lover’s heart — through their stomach! Simulate a steakhouse by grilling juicy steak and roasting potatoes. Take a pretend trip to the East Coast by broiling succulent lobster and serving it over pasta. If your significant other is the one who usually does the cooking, try surprising them with breakfast in bed. Psst — that would be a good time to serve your morning mimosas in those glitzy Champagne flutes you made earlier.

Movie Marathon

Curl up with your crush for a good ol’ fashioned binge-watching session at home. Stoke your flame by starting with the romantic movie you lovebirds saw on your first date. Fire up your streaming service and peruse the romcom category for a lighthearted and flirty night in with your main squeeze. Whatever you do, don’t forget the heart-shaped box of chocolate!

Speaking of Chocolate…

This year, ditch the predictable display of chocolate-covered strawberries and choose something out of the box — pun intended. With options like rosé sparkling Champagne jelly beans or strawberry and white chocolate hot cocoa mix, impressing your Valentine’s Day date will be a snap. Of course, keeping it simple and classic by gifting a perfectly curated box of decadent chocolates will always be a welcome treat.

With the Kids

Involve your kiddos in this day of love. Luckily, you’ll find a smorgasbord of local activities to do with kids of all ages. Going on a city-wide scavenger hunt is a steller way to keep their minds engaged while stopping for sweet treats — like ice cream or hot cocoa — along the way. Make the most of these chilly days by ice skating at your local outdoor rink — Downtown Denver’s frozen wonderland will be open through February 16th. Remember, a benefit of taking your lovebugs out on the town is giving them big, embarrassing smooches all day long.

Wine Time

You’ll bring a smile to your date’s cute little face by brushing up on your wine terms. Describing the bouquet, aromas, and flavor profile of your carefully-selected bottle is about as romantic as it gets. Major brownie points for pronouncing all the French, Italian and Spanish words correctly! Any of the experts at your local bottle shop can help you pair your wine with your meal. Protip — decide what you’re making for dinner first.

Be Your Own Date

Who says you have to spend the day with someone else? Host a dreamy evening for the person who deserves it the most — you. Draw a dreamy bubble bath. Give yourself a luxurious mani-pedi. Adorn your home with your favorite fresh flowers. Nothing wrong with dedicating the whole day to you and the things you love! Above all, remember to love thyself.

Whether you decide to make Valentine’s Day gifts or whip up an amorous dinner for two, your day of love is better in a home you love. Quick move-in options at Reunion boast beautiful floorplans so your family can begin enjoying their new home right away. Remember to tag us on Instagram (@reunionco) in your ~lovely~ Valentine’s Day posts.