Transform Chore Time Into Fun Time

Transform Chore Time Into Fun Time

Getting the kiddos to do their chores can sometimes be a chore itself. Luckily, we have several creative ways to clean up while still having a bit of fun.

Open the Doors and Windows

Bring in fresh air and natural light on chore day. Feeling the breeze float in and hearing the chirping birds may motivate your family to get chores done so they can hurry outside. It will feel amazing to have a clean and organized space with a fresh, new energy. On those chilly days — when opening the windows is absolutely not an option — experiment by bringing nature indoors! Try placing a few natural sunlight lamps around your home or whip up DIY air fresheners that even work in your car. 

Make it a Game

Racing to see who makes their bed fastest or puts away their toys first transforms chore time into game time. Everyone can join in and you can give a special treat, reward, or high-five to the winner. Keep track of the minutes spent on each task and give a prize to the person who shaves off the most time. Special prizes can also be given for the person who does the best job or who has the most fun. Lastly, remember the power of the chore chart! Having a posted calendar with names and chores makes it easy for everyone to see their to-do list and admire all the gold stars they’ve racked up.

Give to Charity

Cleaning up is a fantastic way to recover items you didn’t even know you’d lost. Sometimes we realize we no longer need our misplaced treasures and it’s time to let go. Give old toys, clothes, and even those pesky mismatched socks to your favorite charity or donation center. Boxing up your old stuff lets you declutter, organize, and help others all in one. Divvy out a box for everyone to keep in their room for the day and when chores are done, make a trip to the donation center together. Giving back can make a big difference! 

Reward Yourselves

Rewarding your family with fun after chores can get everyone excited for what’s to come. Get creative by thinking about what everyone likes to do together. When the laundry is folded and put away, head out to that new pizza restaurant you’ve had your eye on. When the dishes are clean and the dog has been fed, check out a movie together. As a family, consider putting some of the kiddos’ allowance toward your vacation fund. They’ll be excited to know they have money to spend on your holiday!

Designate a Time or Day

Having a scheduled chore day might make it easier for your family to prioritize through the week. Knowing Monday is laundry day can help everyone remember their nightly routine. Play to their strengths by considering chores for their age. Carving out time for specific chores can help make school nights run a little smoother. 6-6:30pm could be time to spruce up the bathroom. Try knocking out all the chores on Thursday evening — come Friday, the kiddos will have time for play-dates and you’ll have time for date night or a quiet glass of wine. You all deserve a bit of fun after a week of hard work!

Turn Up the Music

Listening to your family’s favorite playlist can increase the mood of chore time in a snap. Keep it upbeat, fast-paced, and long enough to last until everyone is done with their tasks. Get that amazing this-is-my-jam feeling when your favorite song comes on and try to finish chore before the song is over! Alternatively, singing together is a stellar way to engage the whole family and seek out American Idol-worthy performances. Whoever is on bathroom duty can stretch their vocal range by singing opera while they clean the shower. Grab your gloves, get your groove on, and say the magic words: “Alexa, play ‘Whistle While You Work.’”

No matter how your family keeps your home clean — chore chart or jam session — have fun tidying up the home of your dreams. Thoughtful and spacious floorplans from Oakwood Homes will help the whole family make the most of chore time. Share your cleaning selfies with us by tagging @reunionco on Instagram.