Fun Hobbies from Yesteryear

Fun Hobbies from Yesteryear

While we continue to function from home, enjoy a break from homework and binge-watching by taking up a new hobby. Our Reunion community offers spacious floorplans designed to help you make the most of your indoor areas. You’ll find gorgeous countertops and roomy living areas — perfect for spreading out and getting crafty. Develop a new skill by trying your hand at these fun and traditional hobbies.



Spring is the perfect time to try knitting — as we all know, sometimes you still need a sweater and knit hat in May! Develop and practice your skills throughout the summer and come fall and winter, you’ll be able to create cozy blankets and clothes for your friends and family as gifts. Get everything you need delivered right to your door, as knitting tools can be purchased online from craft stores like Michaels and JOANN Fabrics. The internet also boasts books, video tutorials, and virtual knitting groups that offer you support and friendship. Knitting’s recent rise in popularity has made it easier to find tips and tricks, so consider giving this amusing hobby a try while you have extra downtime this month. 



Part of the beauty of macramé is its simplicity — you only need three materials from start to finish. You can easily find an inexpensive wooden dowel and cotton macramé cord online, then grab a pair of scissors. When you join the Reunion community, you’ll find unique designs from builders like Shea Homes Colorado that offer a generous amount of space — so use the extra wiggle room to hang your macramé and continue working on it in the coming weeks. Once you learn the ropes (get it?) of tying your macramé knots, relax and decompress while you create mesmerizing patterns simply using a piece of cord. Rope in your family — macramé is a fun activity you can all do together!



Gather your family around the table in your gorgeous Oakwood Homes kitchen and break out your favorite photos — it’s time to take a trip down memory lane! In the digital age, you may find that the majority of your photos are on your mobile devices. Fortunately, you can purchase a sleek and affordable desktop printer and photo paper online to avoid taking a trip to the store to print your photos. Scrapbooking is fun and easy for kiddos of all ages: Encourage their ideas and creativity while you work together to create something magical. Use glitter, stickers, ribbon, and beautiful paper — anything your hearts desire — to display your family’s favorite memories. Your end result will be a stunning keepsake you can place on your coffee table to revisit over and over again!


Model Making

Although you’ll find several online games that allow your kiddos to construct buildings — and even entire cities — few computer programs compare to creating models by hand. Together, your family can make airplanes, cars, buildings, dollhouses, and more. Full kits can be found for purchase online, or order each material separately as you experiment with different structures. Rather than buying the same ol’ pair of socks for Dad on Father’s Day, encourage your family to spend time designing, building, and decorating your structures together. Try displaying your finished products around your home to show off your impressive construction skills! 



With an enviable amount of storage space in a home from Richmond American Homes, canning is a stellar way to combine researching recipes, cooking, and learning a new skill. Take this opportunity to purchase local and seasonal ingredients — like rhubarb — that you may not be able to find months from now. Keep in mind that you’re not limited to seasonal ingredients: You’ll should be able to can almost anything to savor later. While you’re taking a break from working from home and TV marathons, canning is fun for the whole family. Little ones of all ages will have a blast learning how to chop, simmer, mix, and label items — all important kitchen skills. Store your jars for later and enjoy delicious flavors year-round!

No matter which hobby speaks to you, your family will have a great time practicing the rarely-mastered arts of everything from model-making to macramé. As warmer weather approaches and we continue to stay home, take a break from the indoors and enjoy these activities on your gorgeous porch or patio. At Reunion, you’ll find floorplans as unique as your family’s hobbies. Contact us to find your forever home — and get going on your new hobby to make your grandma proud!