Clever DIY Projects to Bump Up Your Bathroom Storage

Clever DIY Projects to Bump Up Your Bathroom Storage

When it comes to your family home, useful storage space is essential. With elegant and spacious bathroom designs from each of Reunion’s fantastic home builders, you won’t believe how easy it is to store all of your powder room must-haves. Try one of these creative ideas to help your family make the most of your precious bathroom space.


An Oven Mitt

Pop your piping hot hair tools into an oven mitt to avoid a cluttered — and singed — counter. Break out the sewing machine and make your own holder from inexpensive mitts and colorful ribbon. Your flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer can also be stored in the cabinet or drawer as it cools — thanks to the mitt’s insulated, heat-resistant material. You can then wrap the cord around the outside of the mitt to keep it from getting tangled in your other bathroom accoutrements. With this crafty and helpful pocket, you’ll protect your gorgeous Oakwood Homes counter from heat damage — while simultaneously clearing your counter space — so you can enjoy your bathroom’s beautiful modern design.


Crate Shelving

Mount shallow wooden crates to your bathroom wall for instant storage space, not to mention a charming personal touch. By incorporating boxes of various sizes, you’ll be able to store everything from loofahs to bath toys. You’ll have a blast upcycling old crates and getting your kids involved when it’s time to decorate your work. To boost the crates’ storage capabilities, screw small hooks into the bottoms to hang lightweight items like necklaces or hair ties.


PVC Pipe 

When DIY inspiration strikes, build a handy unit out of PVC pipe. You’ll love the versatility of your structure as it neatly stores everything from toilet paper rolls to hand towels. Attach a size-appropriate wall shelf to the top of the unit to hold smaller items, like jars of cotton balls or a cute plant. PVC pipe has never been more attractive — you’ll see the chic honeycomb look yourself when you finish building, When you buy a home at Reunion, you’ll find stunning options from Richmond American with exceptional features — at an affordable price point — waiting to welcome you and your family to your new forever home. 


Unexpected Hooks

Necklaces, earrings, watches, and bracelets can be neatly secured and displayed on a set of hooks you design and craft yourself. Using a small plank as your base, cut plastic animal figures in half and glue them to it for a wild vibe. For a delicate take on the project, create faux china by sticking floral decals and simple hooks to plain white plates and mount them on the wall. Opt for a truly Colorado-inspired design by making a hanger out of two leather straps and a twig collected from your own neighborhood. The combination of natural wood and leather adds warmth and earthiness to your bathroom decor — all while increasing your storage space.


Towel Ladder

The Shea SPACES Collection at Reunion captures the Colorado aesthetic with open-concept floorplans and cozy design features. Continue the Mile High theme by building a rustic towel ladder for your bathroom. Vertical storage is key when it comes to stowing plush towels that can take up a lot of your closet space. The ladder also minimizes the use of your bathroom floor space, and is easily moved so you can thoroughly clean under and behind it. Plain wooden dowels offer a sleek and polished look, while upcycled sturdy tree branches bring a rustic and natural feel to your bathroom. Grab your kiddos and decorate your ladder for a truly one-of-a-kind storage unit! 

Designing, building, and decorating your own bathroom installations will make your home as unique as your family. At every DIY level, you’ll enjoy increasing your bathroom’s storage capabilities with these inventive decor ideas. The Reunion community offers homes that feature gorgeous bathrooms with modern features that eagerly await your personal touch. Discover the floorplan — from one of our brilliant builders — that fits your family’s needs, then contact us for more information about your future home.