Art Meets Science in these Family Summer Projects

Art Meets Science in these Family Summer Projects

Welcome to Reunion, where gorgeous home design meets a tight-knit community — here, you’ll find one-of-a-kind amenities and unique floorplans from each of our reputable home builders. This summer, make the most of your days at home by engaging your family’s curiosity and imagination. Dive into these creative summer-themed projects that perfectly blend art and science.


Explore Summer Olympic Events 

From tissue paper torches to hand-sewn flags, your family will have a blast making your own Olympic-themed decorations. At Reunion, the SPACES Collection from Shea Homes features stunning kitchen islands that are perfect for arts and crafts. Before you begin crafting, take time to research which countries participate in the Summer Olympics — and which events their athletes dominate. Your kids can brush up on their geography and international flag knowledge without even noticing by constructing a world map that represents each Olympic country. Another seriously fun way to combine art and science is through cooking: Learn the math behind measurement conversions and perfect the science of baking something beautiful. Cook your way around the world by challenging yourselves to master the national dish of your favorite competing countries!


Learn About the Land

Revisit your previous knowledge of forest creatures and their natural habitats by building a terrarium worthy of an A+. By researching prehistoric Earth, simulate what the planet looked like and how it operated with a fully-functioning mini-replica — and don’t forget to include the plastic dinosaurs. Take time to learn about the intricate relationship between the country’s farmland and local weather patterns — before you know it, you and your kiddos will have learned quite a bit about meteorology (and have crafted dozens of adorable cotton ball sheep to boot). Our friends at Richmond American Homes offer spacious open-concept floorplans that make it easy for your family to create art and science projects together.


Enjoy a Sea Sojourn

Oakwood Homes offers four distinctive home collections at Reunion, each intelligently designed to meet your family’s needs. Creative uses of space — like a roomy second-floor loft — can quickly become your home’s central hub. Together, learn about the ocean’s ecosystems, pirates, and mythological creatures like mysterious mermaids. Whip up a gelatin dessert, grab a few plastic marine animals, and construct a see-through treat that highlights the ocean zones and life forms! Remember: Do not eat the plastic marine animals! When you get hungry, create a fin-tastic seacuterie board that will satisfy your rumbling tummies — and teach you how to shuck oysters.


Make Music

This summer, teach your kiddos exactly what makes Dad love jazz so much. Music is a stellar way to use both sides of our brains as it requires an equal balance of counting and reading — as well as creativity and improvisation. For fun, consider choosing an era like the ‘80s and building a family-friendly playlist. You’ll have a blast incorporating American history into your fun by researching the fashion, events, and significant moments that influenced your favorite songs and artists. Make your own Chinese gong, or break out the sewing machine and stitch a version of your favorite artist’s most iconic outfit. When your costumes and instruments are complete, gather your group in the great room for a friendly round of “Reunion Idol.”


Take a Space Odyssey 

Blast off to infinity and beyond with an intergalactic space project! Throw on your NASA lab coats and get busy building a bubble-powered rocket. For an interstellar look, make your home a space place by sticking dozens of glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to the walls of your kiddo’s room. Surf the Milky Way by mixing up out-of-this-world galaxy bath bombs, or conjure up the center of the universe’s signature scent by including a few drops of rose oil to enjoy floating across the galaxy. For a thrilling book report, find out more about international space programs as well as the men and women who have bravely explored the final frontier. 

When you try these ideas, keeping your kiddos engaged and learning over the summer could be *so* easy that it might feel like you’re floating in zero gravity! Reunion boasts open floorplans that comfortably accommodate your family’s hobbies and projects, plus they make it easy for you to spend time learning together. Tag us on Instagram to share photos of your bubble rockets, hand-sewn costumes, and Jurassic dinosaur terrariums.