Stay Cool This Summer With These Backyard Must-Haves

Stay Cool This Summer With These Backyard Must-Haves

The Reunion community offers gorgeous new homes that help you make the most of your long summer days. Stunning floorplans from our trusted home builders feature incredible outdoor living spaces that give your home an instant boost in value. This season, skip the water park and stay cool by splish-splashing at home. With these fun toys, gadgets, and games, your backyard will be the talk of the block.



The ultimate invention for backyard shenanigans, the Super Soaker makes a triumphant comeback each summer. Easy to use and surprisingly refreshing, you can fill your blaster with cool water from the hose, then pump it up and enjoy — or run from — a powerful jet of liquid ammunition. Although toys like the Crazy Daisy and Slip ‘N Slide have seen modern upgrades over the years, you can still find newer versions that are reminiscent of your childhood. For a more mellow summer spent in the backyard, cool down with the help of your trusty water hose. On a hot day, step onto your covered patio — an optional feature from Oakwood Homes — to spritz soothing cold water on your face and toes after finishing your yard work.



Blow-up toys immediately pump up the summer fun. Take your lawn to the next level by snagging an inflatable that includes a fixture for your garden hose — some structures wildly spout water while others provide a steady sprinkle. With options ranging from monsters to rainbows, you’re sure to find a giant water toy that fits your family’s personal taste. During your downtime, consider lounging on a stationary inflatable pool floatie — a well-kept summer secret. As opposed to boring lawn chairs, giant donuts and colorful popsicles are a comfy and stylish way to relax during your summer reading sessions. Remember: Always place them in soft areas like the grass to avoid scratches or puncture marks that could have your epic floatie hissing out precious air!


Water Tables

When you own a home expertly-crafted by Richmond American, you’ll enjoy top-notch finishes like attractive front yard landscaping, hardwood floors, and granite countertops. Open-concept floorplans — and sliding glass doors — allow for easy access between the kitchen and backyard so you can keep an eye on dinner while you play with the kiddos. Water tables are an awesome aquatic option for your wee ones — your tots will have a blast playing with shapes, colors, and animals while splashing in fresh, crisp water. When you’re done, easily empty them out, hose them off, and store your water table outside for future fun-time use.


Water Balloons

Stave off the summer heat by filling colorful balloons with chilly water and letting them fly! Upgrade your game with a hose attachment that allows you to fill up to 100 balloons in 60 seconds — with this speedy gadget, you and your family can churn out plenty of reserve ordinance in a flash. After taking a heart-pumping lap around Reunion’s stellar walking, running, and biking trails, cool down with a thrilling game of water balloon tag using your hundreds of pre-made balloons. For a more technically-challenging competition, consider pinning dozens of full balloons to a durable backboard and popping them using kid-proof darts. Hand out cool prizes to whoever pops the most balloons — or gets the most soaked!

Summer is underway at Reunion, and these classic water toys and gadgets will keep your kiddos refreshed while at play in the backyard. Whether you’re searching for or currently enjoying your lovely forever home, stay up-to-date about our community news and homesite releases. Don’t be shy — share your sweltering snapshots with us on Instagram!