Frozen Treats Perfect For Summer Scorchers

Frozen Treats Perfect For Summer Scorchers

This year, welcome summertime by hand-making your favorite frozen treats. At Reunion, you’ll find stunning brand-new homes in a tight-knit community designed to help you make the most of your summer spent at home. Check out these chilly desserts that you and your family can make and share with your neighbors.  



A classic summertime staple, popsicles are among the easiest frozen desserts to make. With tons of possible flavor combinations, your family will have a blast choosing your ingredients and making different styles. In just a few minutes, mix fruit and yogurt for a creamy take on this classic dessert. Combining coconut and pineapple creates a tropical flavor profile, while gorgeous rainbow popsicles are a delicious fruit bomb your friends and family will love to eat. For the chocolate lovers, consider this amazing recipe for fudge pops that only requires two ingredients. To craft the perfect popsicle, make sure you have a quality mold, sturdy popsicle sticks, and patience — freezing your pops overnight will ensure they keep their shape while your kiddos nibble away.


Ice Cream 

If binge-watching cooking shows has taught us anything, making ice cream takes a little getting used to. Fortunately, the Sterling Collection by Oakwood Homes features spacious kitchens with gorgeous countertops and ample storage space to help you polish your ice cream-making skills. If you have access to an ice cream maker, you can enjoy your parlor-style treat almost immediately. When working without one, a little patience — and a lot of mixing — will result in the creamy texture you’d expect from your favorite shop. Handmade ice cream will keep for several weeks in the freezer, so grab a waffle cone and share with your friends. Get creative by using coffee cans to mix your sweet treat — the vigorous rolling technique will give you an arm workout that might even make up for the calories in your ice cream!


Iced Coffee

Speaking of coffee cans, iced coffee season is officially in full swing! The secret to a stellar cup of joe begins with the beans — lucky for you, the Reunion Coffee House is open for pickup or curbside orders, so you can stop by for a bag of freshly-ground or whole bean coffee. At home, easily turn your go-to order into a frosty indulgence with a few simple ice cubes. Imitate your favorites — like a Caramel Frappuccino or classic iced coffee with cream — with fresh ingredients and tons of ice. For an afternoon splurge or after-dinner dessert, serve a chilly cup of coffee with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream. A traditional Italian treat, this simple recipe will turn you into an affogato aficionado in no time! While maintaining a safe distance, enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning spent sipping iced coffee with your neighbors.


Italian Water Ice

This iconic dessert is so popular that you can find it pre-made at grocery stores, but you can concoct your own mouth-watering version using only a few ingredients and a simple food processor. Create endless flavor combinations — like a mix of strawberries and pineapples — to satisfy your family’s craving for seasonal fresh fruit. The traditional version uses loads of lemon and is staggeringly delicious when combined with a scoop of soft serve for a creamy twist. When you buy a home at Reunion, consider designs from Richmond American: Sprawling kitchen islands provide enough counter space for your friends and family to chop, blend, mix, and freeze your favorite summer goodies. 


Infused Ice Cubes

When you need a break from sugary sweets, reach for water — a healthy and hydrating way to cool off on a hot day. As the weather continues to warm up, opt for a stunning home that’s ready to welcome you and your family: Quick move-in homes make it easy for your squad to settle in and start enjoying your new home and welcoming community right away. While we continue staying indoors, boost your immune system and detoxify your body by infusing your water with fresh and healthy ingredients. Take your infusion to the next level — or spice up your regular water — with ice cubes made with ginger and lemon juice. Ginger is a refreshing way to reduce inflammation, which can be handy when the hot sun starts beating down! 


Gorgeous new homes are flying off the shelves at Reunion, so get in touch with us to snag one of these beauties ASAP. Whether you use freshly-ground coffee beans from the Reunion Coffee House or create tropical flavor combinations in your beautiful kitchen, your family will have a blast making frozen treats in a home they love. Don’t be shy — share snapshots of your frosty favorites with us on Instagram!