Keep your Bathroom Gleaming with these Cleaning Tips

Keep your Bathroom Gleaming with these Cleaning Tips

Modern contemporary style bathroom 3d render, With beige tile walls, black and white pattern floor,Decorate with wooden shelves and cabinet,The rooms have large windows, Natural light shines inside.

Throughout the Reunion community, you’ll find brand-new customizable homes designed by our collection of skilled home builders. Each home is uniquely designed to fit your family’s needs and style to help you live and feel your best. With a busy family, it can be tricky to keep your bathroom clean and tidy — fortunately, we’ve found stellar tips to help you stay on top of your chores.


Keep it Simple

A combination of water and vinegar should be one of your cleaning go-tos. You’ll love that it’s powerful enough to remove stubborn bathtub rings but still gentle enough to cleanse beloved bath toys. By applying a generous spritz over spills, sticky spots, and grime, the rest of clean-up is a breeze. To make the most of your cleaning abilities, remember that most shower curtains can be washed for a deep clean. Keep your vinyl, cotton, and synthetic curtains like new by tossing them in the laundry as needed. The professionals suggest using the “sanitize” setting on your washing machine to keep your towels and shower curtains odor- and mildew-free. Efficiently cleaning your home is easy in a new design from the Sterling Collection from Oakwood Homes. Spacious floorplans — like the Ariana — offer a second-floor laundry room designed to make your day easier. 


Take it Step-by-Step

The cleaning gurus suggest establishing a routine to help you thoroughly clean your home’s gorgeous bathrooms. By starting from the top of the room, you’ll have the opportunity to clean up any residue or spills as you go. For instance, if you begin by unclogging the shower head with your handy water and vinegar mix, you’ll avoid having to clean the shower twice after washing the build-up from the shower head. While you’re focused on the top of the bathroom, be sure to regularly vacuum the vents and fans to avoid a collection of crud. As the dust settles, simply wipe down your bathroom’s surfaces and vacuum or mop the floor as your very last step.


Use the Right Tools

Cleaning the bathroom is easier in a space you love. The Back Nine Collection from 

Richmond American includes modern bathrooms with lovely finishes that instantly add value and character to your home. While it’s easy to reach for the all-purpose cleaner, keep in mind that certain cleaning projects require specific products. For instance, consider cleaning your bathroom floor with a powerful steam mop to avoid Cinderella-style scrubbing on your hands and knees. When cleaning your toilet, try removing hard water stains with a cup of baking soda and a pumice stone. For fun — and a true deep clean — pour a can of cola into the bowl and let it sit for an hour prior to scrubbing and flushing.


At Reunion, you’ll discover an amazing combination of amenities, home designs, and active lifestyle features you won’t find anywhere else. Our home builders offer stunning floorplans — each with gorgeous bathrooms — designed to help you breeze through chores and effortlessly keep your life spotless. Have a cleaning tip to share? Tag us on Instagram!