These Three Athletic Competition Shows are as Thrilling as Live Sports

These Three Athletic Competition Shows are as Thrilling as Live Sports


While we pine for the return of professional sports, these nail-bitingly suspenseful and highly-athletic TV shows will fuel your need for healthy competition. At Reunion, you’ll find gorgeous brand-new homes perfect for binge watching — or building your own courses to compete against your family, game show-style. Check out these exciting episodes and let the games begin.


Ultimate Tag

You’ll love this family-friendly thrill ride hosted by brothers and NFL superstars J.J., T.J., and Derek Watt, where a few Velcro tags — and a lot of challenging obstacles — come together to create Ultimate Tag. Airing Wednesdays on Fox, three men and women flip, flop, and fly through an intricate obstacle course while avoiding a team of Ultimate Taggers who range from martial arts professionals to record-holding free runners and parkour stars. In three lightning-fast rounds, a combination of taggers aim to take the contestants’ tags and get them out of the game. In the final round — called “The Showdown” — athletes have a chance to dodge their taggers while they traverse the course, summit the mountain, and stop the clock to secure the victory and take home the prize money. Customizable floorplans from Oakwood Homes and spacious community parks are perfect for creating your own version of Ultimate Tag. Show off your team pride by tie-dying t-shirts designed for the taggers and the tagged. As J.J. loves to say: “It’s time to play some tag!”


The Titan Games

Hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, everyday heroes from teachers to Olympic athletes battle each other in rounds of competition. In challenges such as “Over The Edge,” the contestants vie to win a game of tug-of-war by pulling a weighted cinder block attached to a heavy chain and long rope —  which they must pull until their opponent is dragged off his or her platform and onto the mat below. The victor proceeds to go head-to-head against a Titan — like retired All-Pro offensive lineman Joe Thomas — in a final challenge aptly named “Mount Olympus.” The winner then races a Titan through a grueling obstacle course to lock in their time, end the race, and secure the Titan title. Watch Monday nights on NBC as these extraordinary contenders compete for a shot at the finale and the $100,000 prize. At home, build a course your family can practice on together. Whether you play inside or outside, Richmond American Homes offers spacious and innovative floorplans that are perfect for becoming a Titan.


Holey Moley

While we patiently await the 2021 Summer Olympics, watch mini-golfers go for the gold in this entertaining — and surprisingly challenging — version of putt-putt golf. Contestants include professional golfers, eccentric putt-putt enthusiasts, and even professional mini-golfers. Putting under, over, around, and through obstacles — like the classic windmills on “Dutch Courage” — Holey Moley hopefuls must take their best shot at getting close to (or in) the hole. After shooting their shot, putters battle hurdles such as the swinging doors of “Hole Number Two,” the anti-gravity rings of “Uranus,” or the zipline on “Polcano” — where contestants must transfer their bodies from the speeding zipline to a large pole without falling into the water below to avoid a one-stroke penalty. Produced by NBA legend and golf lover Stephen Curry, the Splash Brother joins hosts Jeannie Mai, Joe Tessitore, and Rob Riggle for colorful commentary and in-depth looks at each hole on the course. You’ll love watching die-hard mini-golfers vie for a chance to return for the Holey Moley finals and a shot at the grand prize. Gather your group and construct a daring putt-putt course in your home at Reunion — Tri Pointe Homes offers exceptional floorplans designed to keep your family’s summer fun levels at an all-time high. Protip: Leave the ziplining towards a pole hoisted above a pool to the professionals!

Whether you construct your own Holey Moley putt-putt course, customize your Ultimate Tag t-shirt, or tune into The Titan Games to catch up from your couch, you and your family will enjoy these exhilarating — and seriously fun — summertime games. Head out to one of Reunion’s many parks to play your favorites, or transform your home into home base. Tag us (no pun intended) on Instagram to share photos of your obstacle courses and impressive prizes!