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Preserve Your Garden Goods: Four Ways to Make Your Homegrown Produce Last

You’ve worked so hard on your garden this summer! Instead of letting your fruits and veggies shrivel on the vine, preserve them to be enjoyed in the future. In a gorgeous home at Reunion, you’ll have a blast pickling your peppers and maintaining your mint with our simple and effective suggestions. Keep reading to discover which method works best for your garden goodies.


Dry Your Herbs

Experiment with drying your fresh herbs in three ways: by air, in the oven, and in the freezer. To best preserve flavor, the experts suggest harvesting the herbs in the early morning. When air drying herbs, consider keeping them on the stalk — while individual leaves thrive when dried in the oven. Cook on low heat (less than 180 degrees) and virtually every herb will be dinner-ready in about two hours. Rosemary, chives, mint, and oregano are among the low-moisture seasonings that hold up best using the freezing method. When thawed, add your spices to your soups or pastas — basil pesto, anyone? Oakwood Homes features beautiful formal dining areas to host your friends and family. Set the table and start a new tradition of harvesting your homegrown herbs! 


Pickle Them

Peter Piper may have picked a peck of pickled peppers, but you’re the one who’ll be doing the pickling. Pickled chili peppers, sweet peppers, jalapeños, and cucumbers can be used for everything from sensational salsas to sandwich toppings. Create a salty flavor profile by using a brine base, or opt for an acidic kick by incorporating vinegar into your pickling jars. In a unique home from TRI Pointe Homes, step onto a covered patio to pluck peppers from your garden. With optional patios — featuring gorgeous glass doors and quick access to the kitchen — pickling your peppers is the way to go. 


Sauce It Up

As the weather cools, break out your hearty chili recipe and toss in your homegrown tomatoes. Vine-ripe tomatoes, parsley, and crushed red pepper flakes add a zesty zing to your pasta puttanesca — which can be enjoyed right away or frozen for future use. Protip: Line ice cube trays with plastic wrap and spoon in your sauce. Transfer your sauce cubes to an airtight bag or container to store until you’re ready to cook by melting them down in a saucepan! Gather the family for dinner in your Richmond American home, where lovely countertops and ample storage space allows you to pass your favorite recipes down to your favorite people. 


With winter on the way, keep your summer garden alive by preserving your produce. Whether you freeze, dry, or jar, continue enjoying your favorite flavors as the seasons change. At Reunion, you’ll love trying new techniques with help from stunning kitchens, dining rooms, and patios. As you master your chosen method, don’t forget to share your preservation process with us on Instagram!