Traditional Recipes for a Classic Colorado Barbecue

Traditional Recipes for a Classic Colorado Barbecue

Grab your fork — let’s talk about seasonal and traditional Colorado recipes! In addition to breathtaking scenery and world-class recreation, our state is famous for unique and delicious menu items. We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes that include iconic ingredients for your family to try at home this fall. From mouthwatering peaches to hearty chilis, stew you have what it takes to create these delicious dishes?

Traditional Recipes for a Classic Colorado BarbecueBison Burgers 

Kick off a long weekend with a juicy burger for your main course. With roots in Western Colorado, ground bison is tender, flavorful, and leaner than beef. Best when cooked at medium — about 140 degrees in the center — take it to the next level by adding a slice of your favorite ooey-gooey cheese. Boost your burger with sauteed mushrooms or green chili, then crown them with lettuce, tomato, and cabernet onions.

Traditional Recipes for a Classic Colorado BarbecueGreen Chili

Crock pot season is fast-approaching, and the first recipe many Coloradans cook is green chili. Locals would agree that the key to flavorful and expertly-seasoned chili verde is — well, the chilis! The tomatillo and hatch varieties create a striking green color while garlic and cilantro deliver a fresh flavor factor. With about five hours of simmering time, your protein — traditionally pork — will reach a fall-apart texture. Break out your crock pot in a beautiful kitchen from Richmond American, where sprawling countertops provide plenty of space for slicing, dicing, simmering, and spicing. 

Traditional Recipes for a Classic Colorado Barbecue

Sweet Corn

Corn-on-the-cob rarely needs more than butter, salt, and pepper — but true Coloradans love to put a twist on tradition. Take your sweet corn to new heights with truffle oil, barbecue sauce, or a combination of cotija cheese and lime zest. While you’re in the corn-cooking mood, experiment with different flavor combinations and incorporate your leftovers into salsas, side dishes, and soups. Keep an eye on the grill by quickly transitioning from the kitchen to the patio — TRI Pointe Homes  offers optional covered patios perfect for grilling.

Traditional Recipes for a Classic Colorado BarbecuePeaches

A kitchen from Oakwood Homes is likely to be your favorite part of your home, where functional storage and spacious islands encourage your family to cook together. For dessert, create some peachy perfection. Classic cobbler fills your home with the aromas of warm baking spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove — whip up your homemade batter and spoon sugared peaches into this local favorite. When baked and cooled, pile it high with scoops of vanilla ice cream. After all, everything’s elevated in Colorado! 

Find the floorplan that best suits your family’s lifestyle at Reunion. With optional features and trendy design finishes, recreating these Colorado classics is a breeze. Chat with us to learn more about your options — and tag us on Instagram to share snaps of your backyard barbecue this long weekend!