Put Your Plump Pumpkins To Use: Three Tasty Recipes Just In Time For Fall

Pumpkins, glorious pumpkins! This season, incorporate fall’s most iconic gourd into your favorite meals. Rather than opting for the expected dishes — like pumpkin pie — continue reading for clever takes on this seasonal must-have. 

Put Your Plump Pumpkins To Use: Three Tasty Recipes Just In Time For FallCreamy Pumpkin Soup

Your family will love slurping this silky soup on a chilly autumn evening. For best results, use the sugar pie variety. Slice the pumpkin in half, remove the rind, and set the seeds aside to enjoy as a savory snack later. After you chop your pumpkin into smaller chunks, boil in a generously-seasoned broth and reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes. Using an immersion blender — or a regular blender — mix your soup until smooth. When ready, ladle into bowls and soak up the dregs with a slice of warm rustic bread. Enjoy your meal in an eye-catching dining space from Oakwood Homes: With quick access to the kitchen, you can easily grab another bowl of steamy soup.


Put Your Plump Pumpkins To Use: Three Tasty Recipes Just In Time For FallPumpkin Cheesecake Crêpes

For breakfast, indulge in decadent crêpes — these delicately-thin pancakes make for the perfect savory treat. Although the technique may take some getting used to, the process only takes about 45 minutes and the end result is totally worth the effort. Adding ¼ cup of maple syrup to your cream cheese filling adds a boost of sweetness and delivers an autumnal flavor profile. After you’ve stuffed and rolled your crêpes, opt for a dollop of whipped cream, chopped nuts, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar for a delightful and delicious decoration. With help from brand-new appliances in a dreamy kitchen from TRI Pointe Homes, mastering the art of cooking crêpes is easy. Sprawling countertops provide precious surface area to experiment with your recipes and establish your routine. 


Put Your Plump Pumpkins To Use: Three Tasty Recipes Just In Time For FallPumpkin-Hard Cider Cheese Dip

Enough said! This unexpected recipe is ideal for nibbling on during movie or game night with the family. With a special kick from a 12-ounce bottle of your favorite hard cider, your cheese dip pairs well with apple slices or raisin-nut bread. If your kiddos are itching to get their paws on this delectable dish, consider incorporating non-alcoholic cider instead. To finish, top with chopped bacon bits and fresh chives and get ready to dip til you drop! Whether you’re catching up on your favorite fall TV shows or curling up next to the fire, you’ll love relaxing in a cozy great room from Richmond American. Innovative design and modern touches surround you in comfort while you finish the last of your pumpkin-hard cider dip.

Now that you’re armed with these recipes, your holiday dinner table is sure to be filled with pumpkin-y deliciousness. At Reunion, beautiful dining spaces, gorgeous kitchens, and roomy open-concept floorplans help you bring your creations to life. Don’t forget to share photos of your tasty treats with us on Instagram!