Romantic Homemade Meals to Make at Home

Romantic Homemade Meals to Make at Home

Date night in doesn’t have to be boring! If reservations at a restaurant are hard to come by this year, replicate your favorite foods in your own Reunion home. This Valentine’s Day, get creative in the kitchen with these savory and succulent dishes for two — no matter what your palate pines for.

For the Classy Couple

If your go-to fine dining destination is the area’s best steak house, surf and turf is a classic delicacy for a romantic dinner date night. This buttery pairing is easier to recreate than you may think — and *much* less expensive. Best served with luscious mashed potatoes, a crisp salad, and a delectable red wine, this recipe creates a divine fusion of flavors that will have you coming back for more.


Romantic Homemade Meals to Make at Home

For the Adventurous Eaters

If you’re more interested in scoping out authentic international culinary hidden gems than traditional fare, take your menu abroad this Valentine’s Day. Try a build-your-own bánh mì bar or Thai takeout for creamy panang curry and tom yum soup. Open-concept kitchens at Reunion mean you can spread out and make a mess without the stress!



For the Culinary Wizards

If cooking is your thing, challenge your own skills with an advanced recipe like rack of lamb, duck confit, or seafood paella. Selecting a more challenging meal will reap a more delicious reward — plus, tackling a new dish in your kitchen as a couple is an experience that is both bonding and memorable. Oakwood Homes feature state-of-the-art appliances that make for even and accurate cooking times and effortless storage of ingredients and leftovers.


Romantic Homemade Meals to Make at Home

For the Vegetarian Couple

Making a decadent dish doesn’t have to include meat. Savor refined spices and nature’s bounty for a vegetarian meal that’s just as rich and flavorful as a juicy steak. Mushroom risotto, cacio e pepe, or chimichurri cauliflower steaks are meatless-yet-mouthwatering ways to spice up your dinner menu at home.

We hope you find something that suits your fancy — and whatever you decide to make, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your Valentine meal pics on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our Story. Bon appetit!