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Three Summer Smoothie Recipes to Make in Your Reunion Kitchen

summer smoothie recipes

Even if you already have a favorite morning routine, it’s never a bad idea to switch things up on occasion. Looking for a refreshing and healthy way to jumpstart your day? Adding some liquid variety to your breakfast rotation could be the way to go. We’ve collected three summer smoothie recipes to make in your Reunion kitchen that will give you a reason to look forward to mornings.


Green Goddess

To achieve the signature color of this smoothie, start with a dark leafy green like kale or spinach. Other ingredients include a type of milk (dairy or alternative), one or two bananas, and a sweetener of your choice. For an extra-creamy texture, freeze your bananas first and add in half a cup of Greek yogurt. Enjoy out on your patio on a warm Colorado morning or from the casual comfort of your kitchen island.


Strawberry Fields

Fresh or frozen strawberries form the base of this delectable drink. While blending, gradually mix in full-fat coconut milk. Next, follow with a fruit juice of your choice — we personally recommend the bright tartness of orange or pineapple. This recipe is sure to be a hit with your kids! Serve it up as a weekend treat or take the smoothie to go on your way to the Reunion Rec Center.



Peaches ‘N’ Cream

Colorado peach season is right on the horizon! In addition to iconic pies and cobblers, ripe peaches are a sweet and nutritious fruit perfect for smoothies. Combine one large peach with a half cup of milk and one cup of your choice of yogurt. This simple concoction is perfect for busy mornings as you’re getting your children ready for summer exercise in one of our community parks. Want to turn this drink into a decadent dessert? Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and a drop or two of vanilla extract — your sweet tooth will thank you!


Which of these smoothies will have you reaching for your blender? Give them all a try and let us know the recipes that make regular appearances in your Reunion kitchen this summer!