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That’s a Wrap! Pretty Presents for the Holidays

We’re all in favor of gift bags as go-to holiday wrapping, right? They’re quick, easy, reusable, and come in a wide spectrum of sizes and colors to rival the Northern Lights. Sometimes, though, we feel like changing it up a bit and taking things in a new direction. As much as we love cooking in our Reunion gourmet kitchen — and we absolutely do — we also love how the expanse of our kitchen island and countertops can easily become our very own  Package and Parcel Express. Adult tip: If you need to hide from the kiddos, we make do with the long counter of our basement wet bars. As you gear up for your seasonal wrapping spree, read on for a few essential holiday tips:

The Prep’s the Thing

Remember to have all the supplies on hand before you begin — because if you have to step away to find a bow, you’ll end up needing to pull tape out of the dog’s fur (trust us on this one). Essentials include scissors, tape, ribbon, jute twine, the actual wrapping material itself, accents, gift tags, a pen, and — of course — your delicious holiday drink of choice.

Look, Ma, No Tape!

If you’re using paper, roll up the ends of a wrapped gift and secure with ribbon to avoid tape altogether. However, our new favorite thing is to wrap with eco-friendly and oh-so-pretty fabric, which is especially suited for oddly-shaped and oversized presents. Traditionally, the fabric folds over the gift lengthwise before the ends are brought to the center and tied together. Don’t tell anyone that we find it easiest to bunch the fabric at the top, wrap a ribbon to secure it, and call it artistic license! Use ribbon for an elegant finish, or tie with jute and a tuck of pine branch for a rustic twist. 

Execute a Bow

The finishing touch on a gift depends on its recipient. For some, the wrapping will be torn off the presents before you can say “Jingle Bells.” In that case, throw a store-bought peel-to-stick bow on top. For a personal touch, try tulle or fabric ribbon looped into gigantic bows and cascade curls down the sides of boxes or loosely braid twine and tuck sparkling beads into the weave. Remember to add the tag so your Secret Star knows who you are!

After wrapping gifts for everyone else, give yourself the best gift of all. Call us today to find your perfect forever home just in time for the holidays — and, yes, we can even put a bow on it.