New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Tips Just for You

Move over, Marie Kondo; step aside, Martha Stewart — we have the only organization tips you’ll ever need. Those New Year’s resolutions to declutter and destress boil down to one thing: Make it work for you. Just as an Oakwood Homes floorplan might be perfect for you and Richmond American could be ideal for someone else, one specific style of decluttering might work for you and not for your neighbor. Either can be effective — for the right homeowner. Read on for a bit of unconventional organizing advice from your friends at Reunion.


Be honest with yourself about who you are. Some of us work multiple jobs, some have little ones scampering about, and some have fur babies who will most likely see that perfect wicker basket set as chew toys. Keep a clear perspective when answering these questions: 

  • What are you willing to do on a daily or monthly basis? 
  • What are you actually capable of doing? 
  • Who are you organizing for? 
  • What do you want to gain from changing how things are now? 

Staying realistic about your unique situation helps prevent frustration when the matching pantry containers get mixed around.

New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Tips Just for You


Once you have a solid understanding of your abilities, then you can ask questions about priorities. Start with: “If I could have only one room be exactly what I needed every day, which one would it be?” Usually, people name their bathroom, home office, or kitchen. From there, think about how you used crayons as a child — yes, seriously! Did you use each one then immediately return it to its exact place in the box? If so, you’d do well with acrylic organizers that have a special spot for each tube of lipstick or mudrooms with a hook for every bag. Were you more of a put-the-crayon-wherever-it-fits kind of kid? Find a single container to keep only the most important office supplies close at hand. Knowing your own personal style keeps you from installing a system that will never actually work for you.

New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Tips Just for You


Once you know why and how you want to organize, you just have to figure out where. This is the fun part! You might decide to maximize wall space with shelving or pegboards. You can create extra space in wardrobes and closets by sorting and donating gently-used clothing that you have been keeping around “just in case.” Consolidate dry goods from the pantry into pretty jars that make it easy to see what’s inside, or make use of non-traditional spaces like window seats.

New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Tips Just for You
Our final piece of organizational advice is to make the most of your Reunion home in our special community — because all of our builders include multiple storage, closet, and organizational features to help you live your very best life. Call us today to find the perfect home for you (and all your precious stuff)!