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What to Do Now to Prepare for School Later

The end of the school year means a veritable army of supplies, artwork, projects, and paperwork will soon be marching home from your child’s classroom. After a fantastic year at a local Brighton 27J, Landmark Academy, or the Stead School, the amount of leftover “stuff” from a year of learning can be overwhelming. Before you let the backpacks out of the mudroom, follow these tips now to prepare for the back-to-school cycle in August.


Empty It All

Take every single thing out of your child’s backpack. Throw away trash, categorize supplies into groups, and toss unmatched socks from field day in the laundry. Clean the pack thoroughly with the hose function of your vacuum cleaner or with a gentle cleanser in the washing machine. After hanging dry, cover holes with colorful patches for a unique look and voila! Backpacks are all ready to go in the fall.


Reuse or Repurpose

Supplies fall into two categories: those with expiration dates and those without. Scissors will last many years, while bottles of glue must be used in the next few weeks — time for an early summer arts and crafts project, perhaps. Stash supplies in your home craft area or donate extra or unwanted supplies to a creative reuse center. These facilities collect donated materials that would otherwise end up in landfills and resell them to the community, a thoughtful and sustainable practice we’re sure our residents will appreciate. 


Art Gallery

By the time your children have graduated kindergarten, you’re likely very aware of how many gorgeous works of one-of-a-kind art your cherub can bring home. How can a proud parent manage all of these masterpieces? Take photos or scan each piece using an app like ArtKive, for example — you’ll have the option to put art into printed books, post online art galleries, or share collections with friends and family.


The temptation to toss backpacks into the spacious storage area of your Reunion home can be enticing — after all, you have so much room! — but a few moments at the end of this school year will make your transition to the next year that much smoother. Do you know what else can go smoothly? Finding your dream Reunion home with our help! Contact us today to learn more about making a special life at Reunion with those you cherish most.