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Planning for Father’s Day

Sporty, musical, loves to build — whatever your dad’s vibe is, make plans now to be ready for Father’s Day on June 19. Take care of details like tickets, reservations, or even printed-out sheet music for a family jam. A little planning goes a long way to making sure the dad in your life feels like a true king! Read on for some tips to help you think and plan ahead.

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Those dads who like alone time in nature will cherish a morning of fly fishing in the gorgeous streams of the Rocky Mountains. Prepare the day for your dad by securing his fishing license, pulling gear out of storage, and even packing a hearty lunch for his aquatic adventure.


Invite friends to game night with the dad who always has a controller in hand. You might set up a tournament and have prizes for hitting certain levels or winning certain showdowns. Load up on snacks, beverages, and batteries or chargers if necessary. Is your dad a bit more old school? Replace the screen and game console with cards, Settlers of Catan, or Clue at a wide table with plenty of space for all — just one of the many possible uses of your enormous Reunion basement.

Now is the perfect time to order parts that dad needs for his latest automotive project. Spending time under the hood or chassis can be both fun and educational for dad and his offspring. The same is true for woodworking, leatherworking, homebrewing, or any other kind of hands-on hobby. With a bit of detective work, you can figure out what supplies will fuel his passions and make sure they’re on-hand this June 19. 

Maybe your dad lives and breathes athletics. Grab tickets to the Rockies v. Padres at Coors Field on June 19, reserve a tee time for golfer dads, or go low-key and close to home by renting space in a gorgeous Reunion park for a neighborhood soccer match.

Whatever your plan, remember to take a moment amid the festivities to hug dad and tell him that you appreciate him — those are the gifts that he will truly cherish. To find out more about those game-worthy Reunion basements or landscaped Reunion parks, contact us today. We’d love to help you find a forever home you can celebrate in for years to come.