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Non-traditional Fall-themed Porch Decorations To Make With Your Family

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “fall decorations”? For many of us, this means carved jack-o-lanterns flickering at dusk. While pumpkins may seem to have cornered the market on seasonal porch decor, there are plenty of alternatives you can make with your family that still scream “fall”!

Rustling stalks of corn strike the same harvest note as pumpkins do — plus they last much longer. To create an evocative row of corn on your own front porch, use a wooden pallet turned on its side and arrange corn stalks inside, using twine to keep them in place. You can buy wooden pallets and dried corn stalks at most hardware or home supply stores, and pallets are useful for many fall porch displays — you can spray paint them with seasonal messages and reuse them year-to-year. Sustainability for the win!

A few pots brimming with festively-colored mums do wonders to set the mood for autumn. Mums come in a wide variety of colors appropriate for the season, from deep moody purples to bright reds and classic whites. Even better? They’re hardy perennial plants — meaning that if you plant them early enough in the fall to establish a root system, they’ll freeze during the winter but then come back again in the spring and summer for next fall’s landscaping. Try arranging elegant planters of mums on the porch using non-traditional baskets in rustic materials like wicker or dark wood. For a family DIY activity, try scouring your house or a local thrift store for seasonal planters or hollow objects to utilize — like paint or watering cans, hollowed-out gourds, burlap bags, and more. 

Pumpkins may be the most traditional decor that flickers on porches, but they’re certainly not the only option! Lanterns (whether real or paper cut-outs) make perfect porch decorations and create a cozy ambience all season long. Keep your lanterns simple with traditional candles or battery-operated tea lights, or fill them with a variety of seasonal objects like mini-gourds, acorns, pinecones, bright fall leaves, or ears of ornamental corn. 

For a fun DIY project, try making paper lanterns to grace your porch using only cardstock, vellum paper, brown string or twine, a hobby knife or paper cutting machine, a tea light, and a glue gun. Cut cardstock according to the pattern, then glue on top of the vellum. Fold the papers to create the lantern shape and secure with glue. Place the LED candle inside and create a hook for your lantern with string. Simple, elegant, and seasonal!

Hay bales are an ideal option to decorate your porch for fall — with a few themed accents, they perfectly evoke the rustic Western mood appropriate for our beautiful home state. Hay bales (available at most craft and home supply stores) are a blank canvas, so go wild with decorations: Corn stalks, cowboy hats, plaid or buffalo check blankets, and bright ornamental corn are all perfect. Teach little ones practical skills by guiding them to tie ribbons in rich colors around the bales. You can even create a DIY scarecrow using only hay, old clothes, burlap, twine, and markers to greet guests as they enter your home. 

Autumnal decor is all about warmth and creating special family memories and atmospheres for the months ahead. To find your home base for all your seasonal DIY projects, check out our move-in ready Reunion homes online or give us a call at 303-486-8842 today!