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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Q: Where is the closest retail store?

A: Located at the northwest corner of 104th and Chambers and home to the King Soopers Marketplace – one of the largest grocery stores in Colorado – Reunion Marketplace is home to this full line retail store that also includes a drive-thru pharmacy, Starbucks, McDonalds, jewelry store, home furnishings and so much more. Here’s a list of other King Soopers and other grocery stores nearby:

King Soopers in Brighton is about 10 minutes.
Super Target in Brighton is about 10 minutes.
King Soopers at 48th and Tower Road is about 13 minutes.
Safeway at 48th and Chambers is about 15 minutes.
King Soopers at Highway 2 and 70th is about 15 minutes.
Super Target at Prairie Center is about 13 minutes.

Q: What type of retail is at the corner of 104th and Tower Road?

A: Reunion Village retail center located on the southwest corner of 104th and Tower  includes Wells Fargo Bank, Starbucks, Sonic, Del Taco, Conoco gas station, medical and dental offices, Reunion Wine and Spirits, restaurants, South Adams County Fire Department station, and many other retail opportunities.

Q: What areas are part of Reunion?

A: If you live in the neighborhoods on the Reunion model map directory called Reunion’s Park Neighborhood, Back Nine, Southlawn, The Gallery, or Parkside, you live in Reunion. Surrounding developments are not considered part of Reunion.

Q: What is the building that looks like a red barn?

A: Reunion residents receive memberships to the recreation center and pool and are charged a mandatory fee of $32 per month per household ($96 per quarter). This provides the entire household access to the recreation center and pool.

Q: Who can use the Reunion Recreation Center and what are the fees?

A: Reunion residents receive memberships to the recreation center and pool and are charged a mandatory fee of $32 per month per household ($96 per quarter). This provides the entire household access to the recreation center and pool.

Non-Reunion residents are not eligible for membership, but can use the facility on a daily basis for a fee of $20 per day per person for use of the recreation center and/or pool. For more information, please call the Reunion Recreation Center at 303-288-5431.

Q: Who operates the Reunion Recreation Center?

A: The Recreation Center is operated by the Reunion Metropolitan District.

Q: Is there a Homeowners Association and what are the fees?

A: Yes, there is a Homeowners Association in Reunion that is responsible for enforcing the architectural covenants of the community.  This fee also covers use/management of the recreation center and pool. Currently the fee for a privately owned single-family home is $32 per month per household ($96 per quarter).

There is also a Homeowners Sub-association for Parkside at Reunion that pays for water, snow removal, trash pick-up, exterior maintenance and structure insurance. Currently the fee for the sub-association is $197 per month. For more info about the HOA, please click here.

Q: What is my estimated property tax at Reunion?

A: Currently, the estimated property tax is 1.4% of the sales price of the home you purchase.

Q: Where do I get the HOA approved garage sale signs for the community of Reunion?

A: The HOA approved garage sale signs that are A-frame in style, can be purchased at the Reunion Rec Center for a nominal fee. Any signs staked into the public landscaping or attached to signs in the community will be removed. For more information on signage guidelines, click here.

Q: What will happen with the southern portion of Southlawn Park? Will the pool be built?

A: Southlawn Park is owned and maintained by Reunion Metropolitan District. The Lawn Amphitheater and Pavilion were designed in a manner that would allow future construction of an outdoor pool, pool house and limited parking. The Southlawn Park and Reunion Park, recreation center and pool complex were conceived to serve the entire Reunion Community when completed.

Several years ago, when the Metro District added a tot-lot and vault toilet for residents, the Metro District held public meetings to obtain Reunion residents’ input on what future improvements were desired. The majority of residents, at that time, indicated that an outdoor pool was still desired.

At this time, Reunion Metro District serves approximately 1,600 completed residences in the community, while Reunion is planned to include over 10,000 residences when complete. Currently the Metro District owns and maintains over 140 acres of parks, landscaping, and trails, including the 52-acre Reunion Park, and Reunion Recreation Center and Pool complex and the five acre Southlawn Park. As more homes are completed and adequate tax revenues are generated, the Reunion Metropolitan District will evaluate the recreational needs of the community and consider expanding recreational facilities and adding added park lands. The Metro District intends to solicit resident input before any additional amenities are constructed and will need to balance the capital costs of such projects together with the annual operating and maintenance costs of any proposed facility with the District’s tax and recreational fee revenues.

As Commerce City residents, Reunion families also have access to all the Park and Recreational facilities and programs of the City of Commerce City and can use the Indoor Pool and water features and all the other amenities at the Commerce City Recreation Center. A 65-acre city park is proposed for just west of the Southlawn neighborhood, and soft surface trails are in the Second Creek Open Space corridor which begins just west of Landmark Drive near Southlawn Parkway and follows Second Creek to the north underneath 104th Avenue to Chambers Road.

Q: What schools would my children attend?

A: Reunion is serviced by the Brighton 27J School District. Currently, children within the Reunion community attend the following schools:

Elementary: Turnberry Elementary (north side of Reunion residents)
Elementary: Second Creek Elementary (Southlawn at Reunion residents)
Middle School: Stuart Middle School
High School: Prairie View High School

Please note that this information can change. For the most current information on the schools serving Reunion, we encourage you to contact the Brighton 27J School District – they may be reached online at – www.sd27j.org

Additionally, Landmark Academy at Reunion, a no-cost public charter school, currently serves grades K-8. For more information or to apply please visit their website at –www.nhaschools.com/schools/landmark.

There are also three sites within Reunion for schools to be built in the future. One of which is the newest elementary school, Reunion Elementary, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2017.  Click here for more information.

Q: Are there memberships or discounts available at Buffalo Run Golf Course if I live in Reunion?

A: Though Reunion surrounds the back nine holes of the golf course, Oakwood Homes, the master planner and developer of Reunion, does not own or control the operation of the golf course. Buffalo Run Golf Course is owned and managed by the City of Commerce City. For more information about the golf course and any memberships or discounts, please call Buffalo Run Golf Course at 303-289-1500, or click here.