The 2018 Red, White, & Bluefest was a total bash! - Reunion CO

The 2018 Red, White, & Bluefest was a total bash!

Reunion threw a patriotic party on June 23! Residents gathered at the park for our annual Red, White, & Bluefest, participating in our bike parade, watermelon-eating contest, and more! Here are some awesome pics from our totally cool celebration!

Beep, beep! These kiddos decorate their bikes with red, white, and blue flair before riding behind a massive fire truck! See them in action on Facebook.


Once the kids arrive from the bike parade, the party can begin! Food vendors, the Jackman brothers, face painters, and entertainers gather around!

The weather was gorgeous, and perfect for climbing on our inflatable rock face!



Contests galore! It was socially acceptable to be messy at our water balloon toss and watermelon-eating contest!

The ladies from Community Uplift Partnership and the Reunion Coffeehouse showed up to remind residents that our coffeehouse is almost ready! We’re positively psyched!

Phew! Such an exhilarating time that we’re already a little exhausted just thinking about it. See you next year, residents!