Valentine’s Day Crafts, Made with Love

Every year in early February, we’re inundated with red-and-pink hearts blaring “Valentine’s Day!” whenever we walk into a mall, a grocery store, even a gas station. And the message always seems to be about picking up something fast – a card, a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy, etc. But is that truly expressive of how we feel for the ones we love? Maybe we want to communicate our affection a little more uniquely than with a simple grab-and-go item (with the price tag you forgot to take off).

If you have the time and “crafty” abilities, a handmade gift can go a long way this Valentine’s Day. Your friends at Reunion found a few unique ideas that get away from the same old, same old. These are the kinds of handmade gifts that will be cherished long after the holiday is over.


Valentine’s Day Crafts, Made with Love

DIY Floral Hearts

Imagine covering the wall in your bedroom with these pretty floral arrangements. Or covering your significant other’s office wall so they feel special at work! These lovely wreaths can stay up year-round – they are practical as home décor. And the best part? They only cost a few dollars to make. This idea also works for wedding showers and receptions.

Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

Is your nearest and dearest a bird lover? Or has someone you love dearly recently purchased a home with a lovely backyard patio? These heart-shaped bird feeders can bring so much joy outside, not only to the birds, but to the observer. They’re easy to make and instructions for cute tags to attach to the feeder are provided as well.

Valentine’s Day Polish Chandelier

Looking for something eccentric? Or maybe you just like chandeliers? This pajaki – a traditional Polish chandelier – is bright, colorful, and complete with gobs of hearts and straws. And while the materials are simple, the actual construction is pretty involved – you may want a friend or family member to help!

Heart Thumbprint Platter

Perfect for moms and grandmas, this decorative plate features kids’ and/or grandkids’ thumbprints in heart shapes. This can be placed on a mantel, a kitchen counter, or anywhere it can be viewed and adored. You can adjust the platter size to the number of kids involved, or even do individual plates with one set of thumbprints each; or a mug, or a planter – the options are endless! This craft is also a good option for Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Crafts, Made with Love

We hope these ideas “spark joy” in your household this month! And feel free to send us any photos of your Valentine’s Day crafts – we love and appreciate the creativity of our Reunion residents.