Interior Design Trends – Be a Whole New Brave in 2019

Every home at Reunion is built to be timeless. But every few years, you may want to change up your style to personalize your space and stay current with the trends. Now that it’s a fresh new year, are you ready to challenge yourself to get outside of your design comfort zone? If so, décor trends for 2019 are definitely pushing away from traditional and heading towards eclectic.

Embrace your curves

Curvy shapes are in! When buying a new couch, chair, headboard, or even a table, stay away from rigid straight lines and find something a little asymmetrical or curved in a way that’s unique. Strong curves can create a softer environment.

Interior Design Trends – Be a Whole New Brave in 2019

Flip the paint script

For so long, we’ve been painting colors on the walls and leaving the trim, molding, and ceiling neutral. Well, it’s time to turn that on its head. Paint your walls a simple color, like white, and then coat your architectural elements with a bold color. Or, if you want to get really crazy, paint the entire room – floors, wall, ceiling, window sills, door frames, etc. – all one bright color!

Avoid neutrals in the kitchen

The newest trend is to move away from all white cabinets in the kitchen and instead, incorporate colored cabinets in black, blue, and green. Even solid white quartz counters are being replaced with warmer and darker marble countertops.

Interior Design Trends – Be a Whole New Brave in 2019

Get sultry in the bathroom

These days, it’s all about bold and dark spa-like bathroom designs that invoke indulgence. We’re so used to walking into brightly lit, all-white bathrooms that it’s a shock to the senses to encounter an all-black marble and tile space with understated lighting.

Create a wall mural

Are accent walls on their way out? Murals are definitely in. Even if you think you’re not creative enough to pull it off, you can always search for stencils online or have a more artistic friend help out. Just think of it as a blank canvas to express your own unique style – you’ll have complete control over the colors and imagery.

If you do dare to try something new and exciting, please share your pictures with your friends at Reunion! Don’t forget to tag @reunionco on Instagram. We love being inspired by your creativity.