Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Mother’s Day is approaching, which means you’re probably trying to remember the florist you used last year and hoping you can find at least two or three good cards at the grocery store. Here’s a thought: Maybe this is the year you skip the usual flowers-and-a-card and go for something a little different. After all, your mom made you the special and unique person you are, so perhaps you should do something special and unique for her!

Your friends at Reunion have found a few creative ways to let the matriarch of your life know how truly wonderful she is.

Unicorn Planter

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Low-maintenance plants like succulents can make the perfect gift. While a plant might not seem like the most exciting way to say “You’re the best,” it will truly shine when you dress it up with this artsy little unicorn planter. It’s super easy to make, and you can even recruit your younger siblings or grandkids to help out. All you need are a few simple art supplies and a table to use as a work space.

Pressed Flowers

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

The problem with fresh flowers is that they eventually wilt — but if you want to get Mom a few colorful blooms she can cherish forever, try pressed flowers. While most people press flowers in big, heavy books for years at a time, we have a much quicker solution: Did you know you can press flowers between bricks and then stick them in a microwave? Done! Now all you need is a pretty picture frame to show them off.

The Inverness Hotel Brunch

Many moms like to go somewhere fancy to celebrate bringing you and your siblings into the world. You can catapult to the top of her “favorite kid list” by taking her to the legendary Mother’s Day brunch at The Inverness Hotel in Englewood. The Garden Terrace at The Inverness has won the “Denver’s Best Brunch” Award from Open Table, Westword, and — you should go and find out why. Reservations are recommended.

Crème Brûlée French Toast

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Breakfast in bed is a popular Mother’s Day tradition, but if you’re going to serve up her first meal of the day then go all out with this extravagant Crème Brûlée French Toast recipe. Make sure you serve it with fresh-squeezed orange juice and a splash of champagne — well, maybe two or three splashes. Actually, just hand her the whole bottle.

Springtime Hike

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

You live in Colorado because you embrace the beautiful outdoors, so get Mom out of the house for a gorgeous hike! Even though we have plenty of parks and trails around the Reunion community, we found a list of scenic routes that usually aren’t wet or muddy this time of year. Just remember to let someone else know where you’re going and to always wear the proper footwear.

We hope your mom enjoys her special day. Let us know if you have any other really cool ideas for celebrating mothers (and grandmothers) on this holiday!