July 2019 - Reunion CO

Real Community Updates

Motivate the Family During Hot Months

The dog days of summer are here, and it’s very tempting for everyone in the household to stay indoors and stare at the computer or TV screen all day with the air conditioning cranked up. However, that’s not the healthiest option for your family — especially when this is the ideal time of year to […]

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Five Ways to Spend a Whole Day at Reunion

One of the major selling points of Reunion is our location. Here, we have the best of both worlds — the nearby amenities of a world-class city and the outdoorsy fun that comes with being so close to the mountains. You’ll find so much to do at Reunion that it’s easy to spend an entire […]

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Summer Boredom Blasters

Now that we’re halfway through summer vacay, here are two words that every parent dreads hearing: “I’m bored.” Don’t worry! With so many ways for kids to entertain, educate, and even challenge themselves, it’s easy to find options to keep their brains and bodies from withering away in the hottest months. Your friends at Reunion […]

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July is just a one-month-long celebration

Everyone associates July with that star-spangled, fireworks-shootin’ holiday, but were you aware that July is FULL of other awesome reasons to celebrate? For instance, July 1 is “International Chicken Wing Day,” and July 14 is “Pandemonium Day,” where you’re encouraged to let loose and stray from your regular routine. If you survive the 14th, the […]

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